Entries from Shibata 2003 in Pollex-Online

Shibata, N. (2003). Penrhyn-English Dictionary. Kyoto, ELPR.

Language Item Description
Penrhyn Aatea Wide, distant, apart; side, surroundings, clear and open place. Light; the space above the earth (Bck).
Penrhyn Ato To thatch; roof
Penrhyn Atu Particle marking direction away from speaker; away, thither
Penrhyn Atu Skip jack, bonito (Katsuwonus pelamis)
Penrhyn Atua Spirit, ghost; deity, god; God
Penrhyn Ature Bigeye scad (Selar crumenophthalmus)
Penrhyn Au I, me
Penrhyn Au Current of the sea
Penrhyn Au/au To pick, pinch
Penrhyn Au/tua To remove, sever
Penrhyn Auahi Smoke; fire, flare
Penrhyn Auee Alas
Penrhyn Aute Paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera) (There is none in Penrhyn)
Penrhyn Ava Milkfish (Chanos chanos)
Penrhyn Avatea Daytime
Penrhyn E Non-past tense-aspect
Penrhyn E Agent marker
Penrhyn Ee Yes; well, then, and
Penrhyn Ea Rise to surface of water
Penrhyn Eeia These
Penrhyn Haa Four
Penrhyn Haa Hoarse
Penrhyn Haa Stalk
Penrhyn Haa/niu Midrib of coconut leaflet; thin rod of the aerial root of the pandanus
Penrhyn Haeru Wipe anus
Penrhyn Haahaa Touch, feel with the hands. Groping (method of night fishing) (Bck).
Penrhyn Haahaarua Manta Ray
Penrhyn -Hanga Nominalising suffix
Penrhyn Haangai Feed
Penrhyn Haangai Foster
Penrhyn Tamaiti haangai Foster child
Penrhyn Haangota A method of fishing
Penrhyn Hai Stingray
Penrhyn Hai To pray; incantation accompanied with the movements of legs, arms and of the spear; incantation to frighten away the evil spirits from inside a marae. Dedicate (as a house, canoe) (Rmn).
Penrhyn Hai/haimanu/ Bishop ray, sting ray
Penrhyn Haainu Give a drink
Penrhyn Haaite Similar, equal, the same
Penrhyn Haaito To measure, share out, economise; uniform; ruler
Penrhyn Haka- Causative prefix
Penrhyn Haka- Approximative or simulative prefix
Penrhyn Hakaahu The 7th month in the pre-Christian calendar
Penrhyn Akaipoipo Marry
Penrhyn Haka/isa Exposing the teeth when angry Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Hakarere Fly (a kite)
Penrhyn Akaari Show Problematic
Penrhyn Hakarongo Hear, listen to
Penrhyn Hakarua North-east
Penrhyn Hakasani, hakasari Tie two coconuts together; trace down genealogical line
Penrhyn Hakatangi To sound, play a musical instrument
Penrhyn Hakaturi To do flirt [sic], commit adultery