Entries from Shibata 2003 in Pollex-Online

Shibata, N. (2003). Penrhyn-English Dictionary. Kyoto, ELPR.

Language Item Description
Penrhyn Hiinaki Fish trap
Penrhyn Hine Girl
Penrhyn Fiitii To fillip by the index finger Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Hiti Rise
Penrhyn Hiitiki Tie
Penrhyn Poo/hitirere Be surprised, as in a shock
Penrhyn Hitu Seven
Penrhyn Hiu Weary, tiresome
Penrhyn Hohonga Face, figure, shape, picture
Penrhyn Hohonu Deep
Penrhyn Hoe Paddle; rudder; to paddle, steer
Penrhyn Hoki Return
Penrhyn Hoki Also, besides; particle marking emphasis, or adding something to the list
Penrhyn Hora Spread, dry in the sun
Penrhyn Ho/hora Spread out; wide open
Penrhyn Horo Swallow
Penrhyn Hono Join, tie, fasten. Join (n) in canoe construction (Bck).
Penrhyn Honu Turtle
Penrhyn Hoto Sting, hard pointed object, barb in tail of sting ray
Penrhyn Hotu Smaller extension of coral rock just below the sea surface
Penrhyn Hou To sweat
Penrhyn Hoou New
Penrhyn Hua Egg, fruit; to bear fruit
Penrhyn Hua 12th night of the lunar month
Penrhyn Hua Only, just
Penrhyn Hue Gather, collect, heap up Problematic
Penrhyn Huatanga Gunwale of a canoe Problematic
Penrhyn Huero Seed, tablet, pill
Penrhyn Hunga Soft, powdered; small quantity, a bit
Penrhyn Hoongai Parent-in-law
Penrhyn Hui Meet, join, unite
Penrhyn Huka Foam
Penrhyn Huke Uncover, excavate, hollow out
Penrhyn Huri Turn
Penrhyn Huru Byssus (of pipi shell)
Penrhyn Huru To wash (with a brush); brush made from coconut husk fibre
Penrhyn Huruhuru Hair, feather
Penrhyn Huna Hide, conceal
Penrhyn Huunaa The 10th night of the lunar month
Penrhyn Hunoonga, hunoanga Son-in-law, daughter-in-law
Penrhyn Puu/hune Core of pandanus fruit/ cone
Penrhyn Puu/hune Scar, sore, being porous, having many tiny holes; marine worm sp. parasitic to pearl oysters
Penrhyn Huti Pull
Penrhyn Hutu Tree sp
Penrhyn -nga Nominalizing suffix
Penrhyn Naa Definite article marking dual or paucal or small plural
Penrhyn Ngahingahi Shabby, ragged, useless
Penrhyn Ngahuru Ten
Penrhyn Ngangie Shrub sp., Pemphis acidula
Penrhyn Ngaakau Intestines, guts