Entries from Shibata 2003 in Pollex-Online

Shibata, N. (2003). Penrhyn-English Dictionary. Kyoto, ELPR.

Language Item Description
Penrhyn Kaukau Bathe in fresh water, take a shower; swim
Penrhyn Kaumaatua Old, experienced people
Penrhyn Kau nati Fire-making stick (the one set on the ground)
Penrhyn Kaute Hibiscus rosasinensis
Penrhyn Kava Liquor; wine, alcoholic drink
Penrhyn Kava Bitter, sour, salty, acrid
Penrhyn Kavakava Fish sp
Penrhyn Kave Take, bring; do, perform, practice
Penrhyn Kaveau A bad god; to be wrong
Penrhyn Koekoeaa Small fan-tailed white-spotted brown bird, rarely seen. Long-tailed cuckoo (Eudynamis taitensis) (McC). Problematic
Penrhyn Kaavei Plaits
Penrhyn Kaavei Tentacles Problematic
Penrhyn Kea Kind of disease; stomatitis, thrush
Penrhyn Kee Different, foreign; special, exceptional
Penrhyn Keo Sharp point; sharp
Penrhyn Keekee Armpit
Penrhyn Kere/kere Black
Penrhyn Keri Dig
Penrhyn Kena White morph of Red-footed Booby (Sula sula)
Penrhyn AA/kena/kena Stunted, dwarfed
Penrhyn Kenu Disturb earth, dig
Penrhyn Keru Dig (of pigs and fowls) Problematic
Penrhyn Keta/keta Hard
Penrhyn Kete Basket
Penrhyn Ketu Root up the ground (of pigs)
Penrhyn Keu/keu Shake, quake, move
Penrhyn Ki Movement towards
Penrhyn Ki With, by
Penrhyn Kii Covered, filled up, full
Penrhyn Kiato Outrigger boom
Penrhyn Kie Sail (n)
Penrhyn Vira/vira Bright, light, shining, shiny Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Kikite Clever, cunning, smart, crafty
Penrhyn Kiko Flesh; meat; flesh of green coconut
Penrhyn Vira Bald Problematic
Penrhyn Kiri Skin, bark
Penrhyn Kimi Seek, look for
Penrhyn Kina Short-spined sea urchin
Penrhyn Kiinaki Side dish, supplementary food. Food complement (Bck).
Penrhyn Ki/kini Pinch
Penrhyn Kiokio Bana fish [sic], Albula sp.
Penrhyn Kiore Rat, mouse
Penrhyn Kisi/kisi Narrow, skinny, thin
Penrhyn Kisi Small malformed pearl-like substance, often found in oyster’s intestines (loan from Japanese?) Problematic
Penrhyn Kite-a, -hia See, watch, know, notice, find; clever, bright, knowledgeable
Penrhyn Kivi Bristle-thighed Curlew (Numenius tahitiensis)
Penrhyn Koko To bark Problematic
Penrhyn Koo That place, there
Penrhyn Koe You (Sing.)
Penrhyn Koo(h)anga Nest