Entries from Simona 1986 in Pollex-Online

Simona, R. e. a. (1986). Tokelau Dictionary. Apia, Western Samoa, Office of Tokelau Affairs.

Language Item Description
Tokelau Anapoo Last night
Tokelau Ane White ant (a pest that attacks wood)
Tokelau Ano Ball (woven from coconut or pandanus leaves); (play) game played with this ball...
Tokelau Anu Spit, spittoon
Tokelau Ao Grossly malformed coconut with no juice or meat
Tokelau Umu Yellow-head Triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens)
Tokelau Ao Cloud
Tokelau Ao Head (of state, church etc.)
Tokelau Ao/ao Supremacy; whole, totality
Tokelau Ao Be good, successful at catching or gathering foodstuffs
Tokelau Aapoo Tonight
Tokelau Aaheu (Caranx melampygus)
Tokelau A/ahi Visit, call on, inspect
Tokelau Aho A huge, clumsy, grey, deep-sea fish about twenty feet long and weighing about a ton. Probably belongs to the shark family but is not as fierce
Tokelau Aho Day, date
Tokelau Ahu To bail, ladle, scoop
Tokelau Ahu Smoke, smoky
Tokelau Ata Daybreak, dawn, first light
Tokelau Ata Preverbal particle denoting ability to perform action referred to by the verb Problematic
Tokelau Ata/ata Shadow
Tokelau Atafai Be kind
Tokelau Atamai Intelligence, wisdom, knowledge
Tokelau Ate Liver
Tokelau Aatea Clearing, open space
Tokelau Ate pili Spleen
Tokelau Ati Build with stones or bricks
Tokelau Ati Fetch fire
Tokelau Atigi- Prefix denoting that a container is empty
Tokelau Ato To thatch; roofing
Tokelau Atu Direction from speaker to hearer
Tokelau Atua God, supreme being
Tokelau Au I, first person singular pronoun
Tokelau Au Reach, get at, have a good range; be matured at birth, be born at full term
Tokelau Au Current, flow
Tokelau Aua Negative imperative particle; do not!
Tokelau Ava A channel (through or across the reef); a natural channel (running up into the reef from the ocean side)
Tokelau Avaa- Prefix to noun meaning two together.
Tokelau Aava Respect, politeness, honour
Tokelau Aavaga Spouse; be married
Tokelau Ave Tail end (of a fish) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tokelau He/avea Wait for a moment, delay for a little while
Tokelau E Non-past tense-aspect
Tokelau E Agent marker
Tokelau Ea Surface (v); look up, raise (the head)
Tokelau Eto To lick Problematic
Tokelau Faa Four
Tokelau Faa Husky, hoarse (of voice)
Tokelau Faafaa Feel with hands or feet, grope; massage
Tokelau Fafangu Awaken someone
Tokelau Faafaalua Eagle Ray (Aetobatis narinari)