Entries from Simona 1986 in Pollex-Online

Simona, R. e. a. (1986). Tokelau Dictionary. Apia, Western Samoa, Office of Tokelau Affairs.

Language Item Description
Tokelau Galue Work, be industrious
Tokelau Galulu Tremble, vibrate, quake; swash, splash about (as the sound of milk in a ripe coconut)
Tokelau Vahe/vahe Draw a line to divide or separate
Tokelau Gao Molar
Tokelau Gaoaa Rough terrain, rocky road
Tokelau Gaaohaa Untidy (of house), overgrown (of road) Problematic
Tokelau Gaoi Thief
Tokelau Gaoi Make haste (in doing s.th.); move
Tokelau Gaaoi/oi Move; (of a variety of jobs, such as household work) work, perform, do; be active, be industrious
Tokelau Gaaoi Ache, throb with pain
Tokelau Gaohi Make, produce, manufacture
Tokelau Gaholo Be on the point, tend to, gradually becoming
Tokelau Gaaholo (Crowd, fleet, etc.) move forward in a body
Tokelau Gaatu Travel or move in order to congregate at one place (e.g. people congregating for a village meeting) Phonologically Irregular
Tokelau Gatu Be old (of clothes, mats, &c.)
Tokelau Gatolo Make a rustling sound (e.g. a rat running over dry leaves)
Tokelau Gatete Tremble with fear
Tokelau Gatolo Cause a sensation of something crawling on one's skin
Tokelau Gatahi (of actions performed by groups of people, e.g. dancing, marching, etc.) Be uniform, the same, correctly timed; of the same height, level; in line (to form a straight row)
Tokelau -gataa Verbal suffix meaning "difficult"
Tokelau Gaatai Seawards
Tokelau Gatata Be torn; a tearing noise
Tokelau Gehe Be slow
Tokelau Go/gii/ Squeak
Tokelau Gogo Common Noddy (Anous stolidus)
Tokelau Guufeke Cuttlefish
Tokelau Gugu Name given to a number of complaints including gout, rheumatism, arthritis
Tokelau Aa What?
Tokelau -angafulu Ten of a kind
Tokelau Aagai Go towards, head for
Tokelau Ai Who?
Tokelau Ake Post-verbal directional particle; upwards, inland, away (in same direction as speaker)
Tokelau Aku Fish sp.similar to Giant Needlefish (Strongylura sp.)
Tokelau Ala Road, path, way
Tokelau Ama Outrigger of a canoe
Tokelau Au Needle for sewing thatch; tattooing comb
Tokelau Paki/au/ Tattooing pen
Tokelau Ifo Downwards, towards the sea
Tokelau Ila Feel the effect of something; be hurt Problematic
Tokelau Ili Be caught on top of something, be stuck fast
Tokelau Ii (of the breath) Be knocked out, be winded (e.g. when one is hit in the stomach by someone); feel empty (in the stomach)
Tokelau Igoa Name
Tokelau Iva Nine
Tokelau Ogo/hia Be hurt, feel pain
Tokelau Oge Famine
Tokelau Oko Arrive, reach; be on, happen, eventuate, take place
Tokelau Olo Grate, grind, file, rub, smooth out (as Pandanus leaves for thatch)
Tokelau Uu To put in proper place, relationship
Tokelau Ua/agalu Set of eight big waves
Tokelau Huhu Breast, milk