Entries from Simona 1986 in Pollex-Online

Simona, R. e. a. (1986). Tokelau Dictionary. Apia, Western Samoa, Office of Tokelau Affairs.

Language Item Description
Tokelau Muka/muka (Of growing things) be tender, frail, young
Tokelau Taa Fish for schools of fish on the reef or in the lagoon; (taa ihe) fish for half-beak, with a crowd of people in the lagoon, using a net
Tokelau Meakai Food, meal
Tokelau Tauhoa Carry a load (between two persons)
Tokelau Tautahi (of a person) Be alone, be all by oneself, be solitary
Tokelau Velo (Of a spiny lobster) feeler, antenna
Tokelau Velo Decoratively carved projecting portion which strengthens the bow and stern covers of the traditional Tokelau canoe...
Tokelau Tuku Cut down, fell (tree); let down (blinds, of traditional house)
Tokelau Gahe Be numb, be anaesthetized; be worn out, tired, exhausted
Tokelau Tau- Prefix used before a number, to indicate the number of things in a bunch
Tokelau Tuaamata [= tukemata] Eyebrow
Tokelau Taa Wash (of clothes etc.)
Tokelau Fakalua Twice; to second (of a motion in a meeting)
Tokelau Nanu Mispronounce, mumble (e.g. small children); speak English
Tokelau Tae Gather up, collect, pick up (of many things)
Tokelau Kinei Locative noun: here (near speaker)
Tokelau Ulu Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) Borrowed
Tokelau Ui/ga Meaning; be about, regarding, concerning
Tokelau Malepe Disintegrate, be disintegrated
Tokelau Faitalia Do as one pleases
Tokelau Āloa Be treated with attention and respect, be recognized
Tokelau Vefee How?
Tokelau Maafatia Be deeply upset; be bereaved, deeply sad; suffer, be overcome
Tokelau Ifo Bow down; surrender, give in; humble oneself
Tokelau Toohina Be attracted, be drawn
Tokelau Va(e)luaapoo Middle of the night