#46: Grooming and Play.

Reconstruction Description
ANO.3 Leaf ball, game played with leaf ball (Rby)
APERE Game, kind of
FAA-KULE Search head for lice
FAATOO Wrestle
FAGATUA To wrestle
FAI.4 Cat's cradle, string games
FAKA-SEKE Slide deliberately, play at sliding, surf
FANO.2 Wash one's hands
FAQALA Search for lice
FUKA.1 Cut hair
FUSU Box (v), fight with fists
FUU.2C Game involving hiding something
HOORUA Sled, sliding game
KAI.4 Game, points scored in a game
KEU.2 Playful
KOTI.1 Cut, clip (of hair)
LAFO.2 A throwing game played with discs
MAI-MOA Pet, plaything
NAWU Cover hair with lime
NIU.2 To spin around; spinning top (toy)
PAA-KOTI Cut (as with scissors)
PASORO Comb (v): *pa(a)(f,s)oro
PEI Small fruit; game played with these
PENA.1A Dress hair
PESE.2 String figures
PUUTIKI Tie up the hair; top-knot
RORE Stilts
SAAKULE Search head for lice, examine carefully
SAMA.2 Rub oil or turmeric on body
SEKE.1A Slip, slide; surf-ride; slip off or out; fall off or out; miss (a goal)
SELE.1B Trip someone, wrestle (Hwd)
TAAFAO.B To play
TAKALO Play; game: *ta(a)-kalo
UMA.C Hand-wrestling
WAAKULE Search head for lice
WAQI-GA Joke, play

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