#64: Plant Behaviour and Organic States.

Reconstruction Description
FAKA-PEQE Allow breadfruit to become over-ripe and soft
FOSA.2 Grow large tubers; form tubers
FUA.3A Fruit; to bear fruit; egg
KAIORE Immature (of fruit)
KAO.1 New shoot; to sprout
KETO. Rotten
KOO-PIRO Rotten, stinking; immature (of fruit)
LEU Ripe
MA-LILI.1 Unripe or withered fruit; to fall (of such)
MAE.1A Withered, wilted
MAFU.3 Stale
MAKULU To fall (of fruit)
MAPO Mealy (of taro)
MATA.2A Raw, unripe
MATI.2 Of vegetable matter: half-dry, wilted; stale, not fresh
MOHO Come into leaf: *mo(f,s)o
MOTO.2A Unripe, green
MOTO.2B Coconut growth stage: *moto(moto)
OFO.C Rise up
PALA-TUQU Over-ripe, of fruit
PALA.1A Ripe, soft
PALA.1B Rotten, decayed, wet
PAQAO Thin, wasted, undeveloped
PARA-HUU Squash, burst, as overripe fruit; over-ripe, rotten
PEQE Over-ripe, soft (of breadfruit)
PII-WAI Undeveloped, of fruit, root crops, or young animals
PILAU Decayed, stinking
POGA-POGA Defective or diseased (especially of fruit)
POPO.1 Decayed, rotten (of wood, not flesh)
PUGA.3 Mould n
QII.2 Ferment, rot
RIO.1 Wither
RITO.A Fresh, green
RUPE-RUPE. Flourishing, luxuriant
SOMO.2 Grow, of plants
SOSO.2 Overripe (of root crops)
TAA-PEE Cause to ripen or decay
TAHUTI Rotten (Clk)
VEVE Faded, dilapidated (leaves, mats, clothing), such items

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