#96: Fire and Cooking.

Reconstruction Description
AFI Fire
ASU Smoke
AU-SI-AFI Smoke n. (Rby)
FAFIE Firewood
FATA.3 Prepare an oven for lighting
GAA-LAFU Charcoal
HAAGII Earth oven
HIKO-FI Tongs, pincers (Clk)
KALO-(QI)-AFI Spark (from fire)
KAU-ATI Part of fire-plough
KAU-NATI.* Fire-bed used with fire-plough to produce fire by friction
KAU-NATU Fire-plough
KAU-RIMA Fireplough
KOMA.2 Spark
KOO-MOTU A burning ember
KULO Cooking-pot
KUMETE Wooden bowl
MA-GAALAFU Hearth (Clk)
MA-QAFU.1 Steam, steamy; odour (of cooking food)
MALALA Charcoal
MO-MOTU Firebrand
PAA.4 Plate, platter, bowl
PATAKA Broil, cook on open fire
PENU.B Pestle, pounder
PIIGOFI Tongs: *piigo(f,s)i
QAHU.2 Smoke: *qa(h,s)u
QAU-AFI.* Smoke *qa(s)u-afi
QUGA-AFI Firebrand, burning wood
QUMU.1A Earth oven
RAAGAHU.* Charcoal
RAMA Fish at night with torches; torch
RAU-TAO Leaves used to cover or wrap food in earth-oven
REFU.1 Ashes
RERU.* Food-pounder; to pound food: *reru ~ *rure
SAGO Small branches from a tree for kindling
TAA-NOQA Bowl for kava
TAPU-AFI Fireplace
WAHIE Firewood

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