#83: General Things and Parts of Things.

Reconstruction Description
ALAGA.A Limb, tool, weapon (Clk)
ATIGI.* Empty container
AVA Collection, pair: *ava(a)
AWE.A Hair, strand of hair or thread
FAKA-QATA.A Look steadily or closely at; look at one's reflection
FAKA-WAKA A handle, provide with a handle
FAQA-SI Part, side or half of something
FATA.2 Gape; gap
FEKAU.C Things, belongings, property
FISO.1 Froth, foam
FONO-GA Something joined or added; joint, connection
FOTU.3A Hole that goes right through, perforation, puncture
FUGA.2 Crumb, grain, or scrap from crumbling or scraping
FUHI.A Bunch or cluster; tie in a bunch
FUHI.B Be in a group; group (of animate beings); gather, assemble
FUKA.2 Foam
FUTAA Group of things approaching
GAO.2 Depression, groove, engraved mark
GAQATI Empty container, such as a gourd, shell, husk, pod, skull
HEGA Joint or that which is joined on
IKU.1 The end of something; tail
ISO.* Pith, core; umbilical cord
ITUQU Side, part: *(i)tuqu
KA-KAU.2 Handle, stalk, stem
KAA-FUI.* Bunch (of fruit etc.) (Clk): *kaa-fui
KAA-MAGA Branch, fork
KANOFI Flesh of fruit or animal
KASIWI Ridge: *ka(a)siwi
KAU-GUTU Edge, rim
KAU.2A Bunch, cluster
KAU.4 Stalk, stem, handle
KAU.5 Edge, side
KAWE.1B String, thread; ray of light; other elongated objects
KEHO.1 Sharp point
KIVA Sharp-pointed object
KOA.3 Scum or froth on water
KOGA Fragment, part; place
KOGA-A-LOTO Middle portion, centre
KOLOA Valuable possessions
KONA.5 Nook, corner, pouch
KOO-PUTA Pierce, hole
KOO-TEO Small projection
KOPA.3 Hollow, corner
KOPE Wrap up; bundle; goods, possessions
KORA.1 Waste material, dregs
KORA.2 Small fragment
KOU.1 Protuberance, protruding object or part: *ko(q)u
KUPU.2 Piece, section, segment
LAFU.1 Group of animals or birds (Rby)

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