#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Conjunctions.

Reconstruction Description
AA.2 And: *aa~*ee
ANA.2 If and/or when
ATI.1 Narrative conjunction, then: *(a)ti
INA.2 If, when
KA-E But; and (then)
KA-NA.3 If (counterfactual)
KA.2 If, when (relative)
KAA-FAI If (Rby)
KAA-TASI Then, just now, for the first time
KIA.1B Subordinate conjunction: when, if
KO-IA That's it, that's right. Conjunction: so, therefore: *ko ia (ai)
MA.4 And, with: *ma(a)
MAA.1 And (connecting units to preceding tens): *ma(a)
MAA.6 Human concomitant pluraliser; and others
ME.1A If
ME.1B As if, as it were; like
ME.3 With, and
MO And, with
NO-TE-MEA Because
PE Or, whether: *p(e,o)
PEA Particle of continuity: then, still
QO Sequential same-actor verbal particle: *(q)o
SE.2 Because, since
TALU.2 Since, because of: *tal(u,i)

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