#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Prepositions.

Reconstruction Description
AA.1 Locative preposition - along, through, by way of : *(C)aa
AA.3 Continuation: until, as far as
E.2 Preposition marking agent: *(q)e
E.3 Vocative particle (pre- or postposed): *e(e)
I-OO In, within, at (locative particle); at the home or place of
I.2A Preposition: locative (of space or time), source, cause: *(q)i
I.2B Preposition, direct object marker
KEI Locative particle, at
KI.1 Preposition marking goal or recipient: to, towards
KI.2 Preposition marking instrument: with
KO.1 Preposition marking topic, nominal predicate and other functions; specifier
MA.3 From
MAI.D From, preposition
MAQA.2 Benefactive particle, for
MEI.1 From
NA.2 Possessive particle (dominant possession): *na(a)
NO Belonging to, from, of (subordinate possessive): *no(o)
O Possessive marker: of (subordinate)
QA Possessive marker: of (dominant)
QAKI.2 Preposition marking instrument
TEI.1 Particle indicating present position, or action

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