Protoform: NO [EP] Belonging to, from, of (subordinate possessive): *no(o)

Description: Belonging to, from, of (subordinate possessive): *no(o)
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to EP: East Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Hawaiian No Of, for, because of, belonging to, in behalf of, honoring, to, for, from, resulting from, concerning, about (Pki)
Kapingamarangi Ni(o(o))- Possessive marker (Lbr)
Mangareva No Belonging to, of, from. Particule possessive qui marque la possession dominante [sic] ou inaliénable (Rch)
Manihiki-Rakahanga No Possessive: belonging to (Krk)
Marquesas No De, pour. Adverbe indiquant l'origine; préposition: pour, à cause de; exprime une possession forte, une attribution durable (Lch). Of, belonging to (Crk). (Dln)
Moriori No Of, belonging to (Shd)
New Zealand Maori No(o) From, of, belonging to; at, in, on; on account of, owing to; from the time that, at the time that, when; until (Wms)
Niue Noo Your (sing.) (obs.) (McE)
Nukuoro Ni Belonging to (Crl)
Nukuoro No Of (genitive) (Crn)
Penrhyn Noo Prep. marking realized subordinate possession: of, from (Sta)
Pukapuka Noo Belonging to, of, from (Sby)
Rarotongan Noo Belonging to, of (where the possession is...inherent, inalienable, non-agentive); for (the future inherent possession of); for (a particular purpose); engaged in (an activity); from (a place); because of, as a result of, for (a reason); (Bse)
Tahitian Noo (devant les formes nominales) Indique la possession forte dans un prédicat; indique l'origine (Lmt)
Tahitian No Of, belonging to; about, concerning (Dvs)
Takuu No Complementiser Uncertain Semantic Connection (Hwd)
Tuamotu Noo Particle of emphatic intrinsic identification: Of, for, belonging to, intended for, from (as from a land of origin or a permanent abode); on account of, because of, for the purpose of (Stn)
West Futuna Ni(o)- Possessive (predicate) marker (Cpl)

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