Protoform: GAOGAO [PN] Empty, deserted

Description: Empty, deserted
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Uvea Gaogao Désert, abandonné (en parlant d'un endroit) (Rch)
Ifira-Mele Gaogao Empty, hollow (Clk)
Manihiki-Rakahanga Kopu nganga Empty stomach, no food Phonologically Irregular (Sve)
Manihiki-Rakahanga Nganga Void; voidness (Sve)
Niue Gaogao To be few [people] (Sph)
Pukapuka Ngaongao Deserted, uninhabited (Sby)
Rotuman Gaogao Uninhabited, vacant (of land, house); without, destitute of; alone, unaccompanied (Cwd)
Samoan Gaogao Deserted, empty (Prt)
Tokelau Gaaogao Empty; (of people) fewer than expected in number (Sma)
Tongan Gaogao To have few people (a place or building), to be few (of people) (Cwd)
West Futuna Ngongou Empty, desert Phonologically Irregular (Cpl)

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