Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan I/aa/ Particle which takes the place of /i/ before proper bases and pronouns
Samoan -a Denoting an abundance of thing denoted by the base
Samoan A Ligative particle occurring in certain nominal constructions Problematic
Samoan Aa/i Fence in, fence n.
Samoan Afa Net gauge
Samoan Afaa Storm, hurricane
Samoan Afaga Small portion of beach, as in a cove or small bay ; place where canoe is usually kept
Samoan ʔAfato Large edible grub, found in dry trees
Samoan Afe Turn aside; lift, turn over (as mat)
Samoan Afe Thousand
Samoan Aafea When (future interrogative)
Samoan Afi Fire
Samoan ʔAfi/si Carry under arm or on the hip
Samoan Afii Bundle of fish, prawns, parcel
Samoan Afiafi Evening
Samoan Afo Cord, especially fishing line
Samoan Aafu To be heated, to sweat
Samoan Afuafu Light showers
Samoan Aga Conduct, way of acting
Samoan Agaaga Soul spirit
Samoan Ane Away from speaker and hearer
Samoan Agi Blow (of wind, breeze)
Samoan Ago (Curcuma domestica)
Samoan Ago Sketch out (a design), mark line for cutting ; mark with charcoal, draw lines for tattooing
Samoan Ago/ago Plan, devise
Samoan Ago/fi Thin in body
Samoan Ago/si Wasted with sickness
Samoan Aavaa Wife
Samoan Aava Respect, honour
Samoan Ava The wife of a common man
Samoan Ao Day (not night)
Samoan Aoatea Midday
Samoan Aoa/uli Midday, noon Problematic
Samoan Au/ʔona Gall-bladder
Samoan Ai Relative and anaphoric particle
Samoan Naanei Presently; later on, afterwards
Samoan Naanei poo This evening, tonight
Samoan Aitu Ghost, spirit
Samoan Aʔa Root
Samoan Aʔa-sia Kick
Samoan Aʔafia A plant used in herb remedies Problematic
Samoan Akerise Locust (Bib.)
Samoan -aʔi Formative suffix
Samoan Aʔo Learn, teach
Samoan Aʔu To scrape the dirt from the hole of the fresh planted taro, and to press down the tiapula
Samoan Ala Awake
Samoan Aalaga Leg of pig and certain large animals
Samoan Ala Scratch
Samoan Alava/ʔula Shark sp.
Samoan Ali Flatfish