Protoform: TOAFA [PN] Upland area of leached, infertile soil; desert

Description: Upland area of leached, infertile soil; desert
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Toafa Upland fern desert (Mfr)
East Uvea Toafa Upland fern desert (Rch)
Marquesas Ataha Désert. inhabité [terre] Problematic (Lch)
Niue Toafa Coastal area before the cliffs (Sph)
Rennellese Toaha Crumbly yellowish lateritic soil (Ebt)
Samoan Toafa Bare of trees, barren; the name of one of the two gods that controlled rain (Turner 1884) (Prt)
Takuu Toaha An area of Takuu Island’s gardens adjacent to Te Ara Ttoro in the centre of Takuu Island where taro is still grown in laumea plots (Mle)
Tongan Toafa Uncultivated land with no trees or bushes (Cwd)
Tongan Twawfa A heath, a common (Mar)
Tuvalu Toafa The desert (Rby)

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