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Protoform Item Description Source
CE.KIRITI ʔIliki To strike suddenly, pour down, as rain; onset, striking, downpour (Pki)
EP.PAU.1D Pa/pau Deeply engaged, as in an activity; engrossed, absorbed; united, all together (Pki)
CE.PARA-HUU Palahuu Rotten, to spoil, rot; over-ripe (Pki)
CE.UTARI Ukali To follow, come after, succeed, attend... (Pki)
PN.FAKA-KITE Hooʔike To show, exhibit, display, tell, reveal... (Pki)
CE.KOO-REGA ʔOolena The turmeric (Curcuma domestica), a kind of ginger...; yellow (Pki)
MQ.FAKA-TOSI (Haʔa)(ko)koohi To strain, especially as in childbirth; to travail (Pki)
EP.TAFU.B Kahu Honored attendant, guardian, nurse, keeper of 'unihipili bones... (Pki)
EP.TAFU.B Kahu/kahu To offer food and prayers to a god, or to the spirit of a deified person (Pki)
PN.FIA-MOHE Hiamoe Sleep, to sleep; fall asleep; asleep (Pki)
MQ.KAI-HAQA.B ʔAiaa Ungodly, godless, irreligious, wicked, unbelieving, careless of observances of taboos; wickedness (Pki)
EP.E-IA Eia Here, here it is, here are (Pki)
PN.PALA.1B ʔOo/pala Trash, rubbish, refuse... (Pki)
CE.PUA-PUA.3 Puapua Tail feathers of a cock; streamer (Pki)
PN.MATE.1E Kai make Low tide (Pki)
PN.MATE.1E Make/na Calm (of sea, atmosphere) (Pki)
CE.MAGA-GA Manana To stretch out, as arms, fingers, feet; to spread out, as the tentacles of an octopus... (Pki)
NP.MAA.7 Maha/ha A surgeonfish (Acanthuridae) Phonologically Irregular (Pki)
EC.ANE.B Ane Ringworm (Pki)
NP.EQA.B Ea Sovereignty, independence (Pki)
CE.ARI Alia To wait, stop, before; usually as a command: Stop! wait a minute! (Pki)
NP.KAI-GA.A ʔAina Meal (Pki)
PN.KAI-GA.B ʔAina Rejected, as refuse, especially of sugar cane (Pki)
PN.KITE-A ʔIkea Pass./imp. of *'ike* Phonologically Irregular (Pki)
CE.RORO.2 Lolo Fish sp. Short for hinaalea 'akilolo, Yellow-tail Coris (Coris gaimard) (Pki)
PN.QAUEE U(w)ee To cry, weep, lament, mourn; a cry, lamentation, weeping (Pki)
MQ.MA-MURI Mamuli Because of, according to (Pki)
PN.MATA-MATA Makamaka Buds, as forming on the corm of a taro (Pki)
MQ.MA-MUA Mamua Before; better (Pki)
AN.LALO.A Ma/lalo Below, underneath (Pki)
MQ.MA-LUGA Maluna Above (Pki)
CE.NO-TE-MEA No ka mea Because, whereas... (Pki)
CE.OE Oe Prolonged sound or thing; sound of chanting, vibration; whistle of a train; whistle of a bull-roarer; drawn-out wail of an infant... (Pki)
XE.RAU-QOHO Lauoho Hair of the head (Pki)
PN.OFO.B Oho To call out, cry, yell...to leap up, as startled birds. (Pki)
CE.PEKA-PEKA.2 Peʔapeʔa Entangled (fig.), perplexity (Pki)
PN.LOLE.1 Lole(lole) To handle, turn over with the hands (Pki)
FJ.PUTU-KI Puukuʔi To collect, assemble (vi) (Pki)
PN.LAGI.5 Lani Very high chief, majesty...royal, exalted, high-born, noble, aristocratic (most common in personal names) (Pki)
PN.LAGI.5 Hoʔo/lani To treat as a chief; render homage to a chief; act as chief... (Pki)
PN.TUSU.B Lima kuhi, manamana kuhi Index finger (Pki)
NP.LOMA.2B Loma Lazy, indolent, slow, idle Uncertain Semantic Connection (Pki)
PN.LOLO.1B Lo/lolo Tasty, rich, fat (as marrow) (Pki)
CE.POU.2 Kuu/pou To go down, walk downhill fast, stagger, to bend far forward, as one reeling drunk (Pki)
NP.TAKELE.C Kaʔele Empty and hollow, as of a bowl, poi board, drum, canoe hull (Pki)
CE.PAE.1B Kaa/pae To set aside, turn aside, deviate from, eliminate, discard... (Pki)
CE.TAI-TAMA Kaikama/hine Girl, daughter, niece, lass (Pki)
EP.KORE-KORE Naa ʔOle Nights of the moon (7-10, 21-22) considered unlucky for fishing, planting, or beginning any important activity... (Pki)
EP.MAHARU Moohalu Twelfth day of the month... (Pki)
CE.ROGO.2 Mauli Twenty-ninth of the old month (Pki)

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