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Protoform Item Description Source
NP.PAA-KISI Paʔihi Clear, bright, cloudless (Pki)
PN.TALA-A-TUQA Kala kua Sharp horn on dorsal fin (Pki)
EP.KALU.D ʔAlu/ʔalu Loose, flabby; misshapen, as a premature baby; slack, as a rope; wrinkled, uneven, rough, lined; foetus (Pki)
EC.MITI.3B Miki Undertow (Pki)
PN.MEQA.B Mea To say; to bother, disturb (Pki)
FJ.WALE.3 Wale Postposed particle: only, just, very; alone; without payment, cause or reason; gratuitous, free, casual (Pki)
PN.TULA Kula Plain, field, open country, pasture (Pki)
CE.RAWA-IKA Lawaiʔa Fisherman; fishing technique; to fish, to catch fish (Pki)
EC.MAGA-MAGA.B Manamana Finger, toe (Pki)
PN.TALA-TALA.A Kalakala Craggy, thorny, knotty; rough in language, rude, harsh (Pki)
PN.SILIGA-MAQA Hilina Maa Name of the eleventh month (Moloka'i), eighth (Kaua'i), or tenth (Alexander) (Pki)
CE.HIGAIA Hinaia/ʔeleʔele A Hawaiian star and month name (Pki)
CE.REFU.3 We/lehu Ancient Hawaiian month, corresponding approximately to November (Pki)
PN.QANU-FEA Anuhea Cool, soft fragrance, as of upland forests; sweetness; to be cool, fragrant and sweet (Pki)
CE.WERU Welu/welu Shredded to bits (Pki)
PN.MAALOOLOO.B Malolo To rest, pause, adjourn (Pki)
NP.TEE-LAA Keelaa Demonstrative: That, that one, he, she, it, that person or thing, the former (Pki)
NP.TEE-HENA Keenaa Demonstrative: That (near the person addressed) (Pki)
NP.PEE-LAA Peelaa In that way, like that, thus, so, that way (Pki)
PN.PISI.2 Pihi Button, badge; to button (Pki)
PN.PUPU.A Pu/pupu Numerous, crowded, thick, teeming, congested (Pki)
PN.FAANAU.A Haanau Offspring, child (Pki)
SO.KAU-LAMA ʔAulama To light with a torch Problematic (Pki)
PN.FAKA-SOA Hoʔohoa To make friends (Pki)
SO.TATA.2 Ka/kaka Bow; bent, as a bow; to shoot, as a bow; deep-sea fishing with weighted line Problematic (Pki)
CE.TORI.2 Koli To whittle, pare, sharpen, peel, trim, shave (Pki)
PN.TOKO.1C Koʔo Prop (Pki)
PN.QARA-FIA Hoʔa/alahia To awaken; wakefulness, insomnia (Pki)
PN.FAA-QITI Haaiki Narrow, pinched; limitation, restriction (Pki)
PN.FAKA-QATA.B Hoʔoaka Reflection, image, likeness (Pki)
NP.FAKA-QATA.C Hoʔoaka To cast a shadow (Pki)
EC.SEKE.1B Heʔe To melt, flow, drip (Pki)
CE.SEKE.2 Heʔe Flee (Pki)
CP.WILI.1B Wiliwili Tree sp. (Erythrina sandwicensis) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Pki)
PN.NOA.2 Noo Intensifying particle: very, quite, fairly, anyway (Pki)
NP.MATI-KAO Mikiʔao Claw, nail, as of finger or toe Phonologically Irregular (Pki)
PN.PAA.2B Paa-ʔia Touch, get, contact, reach, gan control of, hit, experience... (Pki)
PN.PAKIA.1 Paʔia Temporarily deaf, as from ascending to a high altitude (Pki)
PN.PAKI.3 Paʔi/paʔi Trim, prune, cut, clip, as a plant or the hair; strip off, as leaves (Pki)
PN.TUQU-LA Kula Plain, field, open country; basket-like fish trap (Pki)
PN.TUULOU Kuulou, kuunou To bow the head, bend (Pki)
NP.FAKA-KAA.2 Hooʔaa To set on fire, burn, ignite, etc. (Pki)
CK.MAEA.2 Maea Stinking, as of unwashed bodies; malodorous, as a swamp; offensive-smelling, as vomit Uncertain Semantic Connection (Pki)
EC.PUU.5 Puu Head of squid or octopus (Pki)
CP.LEU-LEU Leu Loins (rare, in chant) (Pki)
PN.FAKA-TUQU Hoʔokuu To set up, make stand, establish, asa society; to brace a canoe with a paddle...; to carry on, as a family name (Pki)
MP.QAPI.2 Api To gather together, as people or things (And.) (Pki)
NP.KAU-FATA ʔAuhaka Spindle-legged; spindleshanks; an animal with slender legs Uncertain Semantic Connection (Pki)
PN.KAU-TAA ʔAukaa Wood woven through sticks in 'ie kala fish trap; long stems, as of some species of mangoes; bar, as of soap or gold; ridge or strip between the flutes of a column; facet, fillet, capstain bar, bar across a roadway; stump (Pki)
PN.GOGO.4 Nonoo To snore, gurgle Phonologically Irregular (Pki)

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