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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan XW.KALE.2 ʔAale/i Drive (a canoe), paddle hard
Samoan CP.POQOI Poi Kind of food made by mashing ripe bananas and coconut cream
Samoan PN.PUNI.1A Puni Be blocked, clogged
Hawaiian PN.HURU.B Ulu Possessed by a god; inspired by a spirit...
Hawaiian OC.HURU.A Ulu To grow, increase, spread... Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian CE.REI-GAA Leina Spring, leap, bound; place to leap from
Hawaiian CE.REI-GAA Leina-a-ke-akua Place where the spirits leaped into the nether world
Mangaia CE.REI-GAA Reinga A jumping off place for bathers. (A word used on Atiu)
Mangareva CE.REI-GAA Re/reeinga kuʔane Place where spirits leap into sea (I)
New Zealand Maori CE.REI-GAA Te Reinga Place name. The point from which dead spirits leaped down to the underworld
Rarotongan CE.REI-GAA Reinga Traces where someone has leaped over; leaping-over place
Tuamotu CE.REI-GAA Reeiŋa Jumping-off place
Samoan SO.PASA.2 Pasa/pasa/ʔi To spread abroad what was secret
Nukuoro SO.PASA.2 Basa/lia Be talked about
Tongan PN.MAA-HINA Maahine/hina To show up white, to present a white appearance
Tokelau PN.MAA-HINA Maaina Light, beam (n); be clear, be distinct
Samoan PN.MAA-HINA Maina To shine, of fire. Shine (on), flash (on) (Mnr).
East Uvea PN.MAA-HINA Maaina Transparent, qui laisse passer la lumière; clair (étoffe); troué, percé
East Futuna PN.MAA-HINA Maaina Briller (phare, lumière), éblouir (intransitif)
New Zealand Maori PN.MAA-HINA Maina Kindle Uncertain Semantic Connection
New Zealand Maori PN.MAA-HINA Maaina/ina Bask Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu CE.MA-INAINA Maina(ina) Angry, indignant, resentful
Tuvalu PN.SEKE.1A Seke To avoid, miss, slip by
Tuvalu PN.SEKE.1A S/seke To ski, surf, slip
Tuvalu PN.MATE-GA Matega Death (the state of being dead, the act of dying)
Tuvalu PN.QUHI.3 Ui/ga Meaning. About, concerning, regarding; personality, character, behaviour(Jsn).
Tuvalu XW.FAI-TALIHA Faitalia No matter what, whatever the circumstances
Tuvalu SO.SAGA.1C Aga Feast for firstborn; general term for feasts given for someone Phonologically Irregular
Tuvalu PN.KIKI.1 Kiki To eat one food with another; to mix foods in the mouth. Protein (may refer to meat, fish or anything else eaten with rice, *pulaka* etc.; to eat protein or other food with rice (Jsn).
Tuvalu PN.KINA.3 Kiina/ga Non-vegetable food contributed by family to communal feast (consists of pork, fish or chicken and forms part of the *fakaluaga*).
Tuvalu PN.RAGI Lagi/lagi Send on frequent errands
Tuvalu PN.RAGI Lagi An agreement as to how much food should be provided for a gathering in *aahiga*.
Tuvalu PN.MAFA-TIA Mafatia (pl. maafatia) To be weighed down, under pressure; depressed, sad (*loto mafatia*)
Tuvalu XW.SAI Sai To be shapely (of waist)
Tuvalu FJ.HIFO.C Ifo Bow down in prayer. To beg, humbly request; to give up, capitulate, surrender (Jsn).
Tuvalu MP.SUKI.A S/sui To sew Borrowed
Tuvalu FJ.TAU-NAMU Tainamu Mosquito net
Tuvalu PN.QISI N/isi (< ne isi) Some, other
Tuvalu PN.QISI Isi Exist, be present; other, next, another
Tuvalu EO.FOQI.1 Foi/tino Body, flesh
Tuvalu PN.MAA-HINA Maaina Light (not dark); shine; understand