Protoform: QATULE [MP] Fish sp. (Selar crumenophthalamus)

Description: Fish sp. (Selar crumenophthalamus)
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to MP: Malayo-Polynesian

*4 POC *qatule "Selar spp. including S.crumenophthalmus, big-eyed scad" (LPO IV:69).
*5 PMP *qatulay "a fish: the big-eyed scad Trachurops crumenophthalmus" (ACD).

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Anuta Ature A type of small fish that comes into the shallow reef water in large schools... (Fbg)
East Futuna ʔAtule Fish sp. (Trachurops) (Bgs)
East Futuna Atule Poisson: "chinchard" (Selar crumenophtalmus) (Mfr)
East Uvea ʔAtule A fish (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Rch)
Easter Island ʔAture A tuna-like fish (Fts)
Easter Island Ature Amberstripe Scad (Decapterus muroadsi) (Rce)
Easter Island Ature ure Karnella's Rover (Emmelichthys karnellai) (Rce)
Easter Island Ature/ʔeka Peruvian Anchovy (Engraulis ringens) (Rce)
Emae Ature Various fish spp. (Rve)
Hawaiian Akule Trachurops crumenophthalmus (scud fish) (Pki)
Kapingamarangi Ature Mackerel (Ebt)
Kapingamarangi Adule Fish sp (Lbr)
Luangiua Akule Common Mackerel (Smd)
Mangaia Ature Big-eye Scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Cek)
Mangareva Ature. Poisson: Selar crumenophthalmus (Carangidae) (Rch)
Mangareva Ature mata Poisson: Decapteris macrosoma (Carangidae) (Rch)
Mangareva Eture Petit poisson (Rch)
Marquesas Etuʔe. Etue (Lch). Poisson. Chinchard, poisson de la famille des carangidés (Lch). Chinchard (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Bct). (Dln)
Marquesas Eitúwe A fish somewhat resembling a herring (called by mutineers blossham fish) (Crk)
New Zealand Maori Ature/re Highly prized fish sp Problematic (Wms)
Niuatoputapu ʔOtule Big-eyed Scad (Trachurops crumenopthalmus) (Dye)
Niue Atule Big-eye scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Sph)
Nuguria Ature Fish sp. (Tok Pisin malambur) (Dvl)
Penrhyn Ature Bigeye scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Sta)
Pukapuka Atule A fish (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Bge)
Raʔivavae Ature A variety of fish (similar to, but smaller than, the goggler) (Stn)
Rapa K/ature A fish (Sks)
Rarotongan Ature A fish, Big-eyed Scad, (Trachurops crumenophthalmus) (Bse)
Rotuman Afule Fish sp (Cwd)
Samoan Atule Horse mackerel (Trachurops sp.) (Prt)
Tahitian Ature Poisson de la famille des Carangidae (Selar crumenophthalmus) quand sa taille est la petite... (Lmt)
Takuu Ature/akau Fish sp. (Hwd)
Takuu Ature Silver scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Mle)
Tikopia Ature Silver scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Fth)
Tokelau Atule Silver Scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Hpr)
Tongan ʔOtule Horse mackerel (Trachurus), (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Hpr) (Gty)
Tongan Otooli A fish, resembling mackerel (Mar)
Tuamotu Ature Fish sp (Stn)
Tupuaki Ature Trachurops crumenophthalmus (Atn)
Tuvalu Atule A fish (Rby)
Vaeakau-Taumako Atule Mackerel fish (scad) (Hvn)
Waya Atule Fish sp.: Mackerel (Selar crumenopththalmus) (Ply)
West Futuna Ture (ANI) Fish sp. (herring?) (Cpl)
West Futuna Eture Scad or mackerel (Dty)
West Uvea Atule Poisson: maquereau, Scombridé (Hmn)

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