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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Futuna SO.ALAKISI.* Alakisi Cigale
Emae SO.ALAKISI.* Arakisi Cicada
East Futuna PN.KISI.1 Kisi Nain, rabougri
Penrhyn PN.KISI.1 Kisi/kisi Narrow, skinny, thin
Penrhyn PN.KISI.1 Kisi Small malformed pearl-like substance, often found in oyster’s intestines (loan from Japanese?) Problematic
East Futuna CK.KISI.2 Kisi/kisi Araignée à gros ventre et à grosses pattes qui s`accroche aux feuilles Problematic
Fijian FJ.KITIKITI-VAI Kisikisi-wai Damsel-fly (Lakeba) (Wise) Problematic
Tongan FJ.KITIKITI-VAI Kisikisi-vai Dragonfly
West Futuna PN.MAAUI Ma-sikisiki Legendary hero
East Futuna PN.TALAKISI Telekisi Fish sp., immature malau . Problematic
East Futuna NP.PAA-KISI Pakisi/kisi Maladif; nain; rachitique
Rennellese NP.PAA-KISI Pakisi Sallow, pale (as a sick person); to weep loudly, to sound quietly, as a peaceful sea
Emae NP.PAA-KISI Pakisi Very dry
West Futuna NP.PAA-KISI Pa/ke/xkisi (of green coconut) Not ready to drink
West Futuna PN.TALAKISI Rakisi Fish sp.
Takuu NO.SIKI-SIKI Sikisiki/tau Bird sp., small finch-like bird, Island Monarch (Monarcha cinerascens)
Sikaiana NO.SIKI-SIKI Sikisiki Bird sp.
West Futuna NP.PAA-KISI Pakisi To make a loud clapping or cracking noise
West Futuna NP.PAA-KISI Pa/kih/kisi Dry and crumbly, crisp, gritty; kinky (of hair)
West Futuna PN.TALAKISI Tarakisi (Holocentrum [Sargocentron] diadema, Crown Squirrelfish)
Tuvalu PN.TALAKISI Talakisi Small immature fish ; Holocentridae spp.