Entries from Capell 1984 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1984). Futuna-Aniwa Dictionary, with Grammatical Introduction. Canberra, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific Studies, The Australian National University.

Language Item Description
West Futuna (Na)mkaka (ANI) Coconut husk fibre Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna Kava/taŋaro (ANI) A kind of shell
West Futuna Vaka taŋaro (ANI) Nautilus
West Futuna Raurau ipu. Rourou/ipu (Rve) Coconut shell kava cup. Bol, verre (Rve).
West Futuna Somo A plant, vine; to grow (of plants)
West Futuna Rau/fora Plaited coconut frond
West Futuna Vax/tuki To resist; a quarrel, fight
West Futuna Katoanga A large feast involving many districts
West Futuna Fakasiku To glance at and turn aside Uncertain Semantic Connection
West Futuna Ta/ta/mi A covering (e.g. blanket, not clothing); to put it on
Mangaia zyx
West Futuna Pua A cave
West Futuna Tau To thatch
West Futuna Turi vae Knee
West Futuna Moko/xma A species of fish
West Futuna Rakau Club
West Futuna Tuku To let down the line during the day