Entries from Savage 1962 in Pollex-Online

Savage, S. (1962). A Dictionary of the Maori Language of Rarotonga. Wellington, Department of Island Territories.

Language Item Description
Rarotongan Tara Tale, story
Rarotongan Tara Loose, untied, not fastened, separated
Rarotongan Taarava Horizontal beams of a house; place horizontally, crosswise; hang up, suspend
Rarotongan Tare Phlegm
Rarotongan Taareʔu Cause dimness or obscureness (Mka); make gray or dark (Bse)
Rarotongan Taareva Fluttering, waving, as a flag in the breeze
Rarotongan Taarii Wait
Rarotongan Tari Carry, convey or bear
Rarotongan Taria (Terminalia catappa) Problematic
Rarotongan Taringa Ear
Rarotongan Taro (Colocasia esculenta)
Rarotongan Taru/taru Weeds that have been cut and laid about on the ground
Rarotongan Tamaki War, quarrel, dispute
Rarotongan Tamanu (Calophyllum inophyllum)
Rarotongan Tane A contagious disease of the skin
Rarotongan Taane Male, husband, lover, man
Rarotongan Tao A short throwing spear
Rarotongan Tao To cook in an oven
Rarotongan Tao/mi To press, squeeze or exert pressure
Rarotongan Taaʔonga Load, burden, anything carried ; office, rank, position or title; profession, craft, trade
Rarotongan Taokete-taane Brother-in-law. Affine of same generation
Rarotongan Tapa Cloth made from inner bark of certain trees
Rarotongan Tapa Margin, edge, fringe, border
Rarotongan Tapa Call, name, recite, narrate
Rarotongan Tapakau Plaited coconut leaves
Rarotongan Tapaʔi To split, cleave lengthwise ; chop down vertically on something, split or cleave lengthwise; a chopping implement, trowel
Rarotongan Tape A piece, portion, bit
Rarotongan Tapitapi State or condition of being mean, sordid, niggardly, miserly, not given to being generous
Rarotongan Tapu Formal ceremonial or religious interdiction
Rarotongan Taapuui/a Restrained, held back
Rarotongan Taputapuatea One of the main royal courts
Rarotongan Tapuae Footmark, footprint, sole of the foot
Rarotongan Taʔi One
Rarotongan Ta(a)/tatau/ Tattooing
Rarotongan Tatau To squeeze, crush or press
Rarotongan Taatua Girdle, belt, put on as girdle or belt
Rarotongan Tau To be suitable, befit, able, to be possible
Rarotongan Tau To alight, come to rest as a bird
Rarotongan Tau- Prefix marking reciprocal action
Rarotongan Tau A season or period
Rarotongan Taua Warparty
Rarotongan Taua Demonstrative and relative pronoun; that aforementioned
Rarotongan Tauira Pupil, student, student priest ; small fry (very young fish still swimming about in shoals
Rarotongan Taura Rope, cord
Rarotongan Taura/-atua Sorcerer, priest of the ancient gods
Rarotongan Taupoa A carbuncle; an inflamed ulcer or abscess
Rarotongan Tauʔunu Ficus indica
Rarotongan Tee Squeeze fluid out
Rarotongan Tea White, clear
Rarotongan Tei At, in, in the act of