Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Haaite Measurements or size of something
Sikaiana Haka- To pretend to be or act in the state described by the noun
Sikaiana Haka- Forms ordinal numbers
Sikaiana Hakahano Squeeze intestines of turtle in preparation for eating
Sikaiana Hakkaa Make sharp
Sikaiana Hakalaa To place in the sun to dry
Sikaiana Hakalono Listen, obey; believe the veracity of a statement
Sikaiana Hakammau Make firm, make tight; depend upon
Sikaiana Kaasani A bunch of coconuts tied together by their skins.
Sikaiana Hakatuli To ignore or not listen to speech; to disobey
Sikaiana Haki To pluck, to pick, or knock down a fruit with the hand from a tree
Sikaiana Hala Pandanus
Sikaiana Hale House
Sikaiana Haalo Two rods on the outrigger canoe that run perpendicular to the platform rods of the boom on the side of the float
Sikaiana Haalo Peep at someone, crane the neck to look
Sikaiana Hanaake To ascend
Sikaiana Hano Go
Sikaiana H/hano/ Wash hands
Sikaiana Hatuke Sea urchin species
Sikaiana Hau Lash, tie
Sikaiana Hau Flower garland
Sikaiana Hea Where?
Sikaiana Heatu To fight physically
Sikaiana Hekau Work, employment; to work, to be employed, to be involved with a project.
Sikaiana H/helo Yellow, tawny
Sikaiana F/felo Yellow, tawny
Sikaiana Henua Country, land
Sikaiana Heo Coral
Sikaiana Hia How many?
Sikaiana Hiikai To be hungry, to want to eat, to be hungry for a certain food
Sikaiana Hili Select, choose
Sikaiana Hili Lash; wooden slats of house walling made from pandanus root
Sikaiana Hilo To mix or intermingle
Sikaiana Hina Adulterer
Sikaiana Hiti Escape, lose grip of Problematic
Sikaiana Hitu Seven
Sikaiana Hoo Fish sp., sardine (?)
Sikaiana Hoe Paddle
Sikaiana Hoki Also
Sikaiana H(o)/hola, f/fola Spread out, unfold, lay out; find out whether a speech or narrative is true or not
Sikaiana Holau Long sea voyage
Sikaiana Holo Swallow
Sikaiana H/honu High tide
Sikaiana F/fonu High tide
Sikaiana Honu Turtle
Sikaiana Hota A fish trap, but with only two walls (kaupaa) leading into the trap
Sikaiana Hoto Sting of ray
Sikaiana Hou New
Sikaiana Huu Hide
Sikaiana Huu/huu Keep secret