Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Kaniva A rainbow; a beautiful person
Sikaiana Kano/vaka The crewmen of a boat or outrigger
Sikaiana Kapakau Wing
Sikaiana Kapanni (kapanini) Mats made from coconut leaves (paakele) that are used for the walling of houses
Sikaiana Kape Taro sp
Sikaiana Kape Remove food from pod; take out fish eye with finger
Sikaiana Kapa Grasp. grab hold of Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Kasana A ring for the finger
Sikaiana Kasi Shellfish sp
Sikaiana Kata Laugh
Sikaiana Kataha Frigate Bird
Sikaiana Katea Open side of canoe
Sikaiana Keti Husk coconut with teeth
Sikaiana Katoa All
Sikaiana Kau All Problematic
Sikaiana Kau All Problematic
Sikaiana Kauae Cheek
Sikaiana Kaukau Wash with water
Sikaiana Kavakava Fish sp
Sikaiana K/kave Carry to
Sikaiana Kave Sibling of opposite sex
Sikaiana Kaviti Crab
Sikaiana Kee Different, not the same
Sikaiana Kele/kele Sand
Sikaiana Keli Dig
Sikaiana Kemo Blinking of eyes
Sikaiana K/kena Pale coloured
Sikaiana Kenu Disturb earth
Sikaiana Kete Bag
Sikaiana Kete Stomach
Sikaiana Keu Twist around, turn
Sikaiana Ki To
Sikaiana Kiato Outrigger boom
Sikaiana Kie Pandanus
Sikaiana Kiki A side dish; the food mixed with other foods, such as taro with fish, rice with meat
Sikaiana Kivi/aitu A bird
Sikaiana Koe You (Sing.)
Sikaiana Kohu Smoke, steam, mist, when seen from a distance
Sikaiana Koo Husking stick
Sikaiana Koi Tense-aspect marker, present progressive; still
Sikaiana Kolemu Clitoris
Sikaiana Kolu Bend something
Sikaiana Koulua Second person dual pronoun
Sikaiana Kona Sour
Sikaiana Koni/koni Copulate
Sikaiana Kopiti Narrow; confined in a small space
Sikaiana Koutou Second person plural pronoun
Sikaiana Ku Present perfect
Sikaiana Kuku Mussel sp
Sikaiana Kulii Dog