Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Hua Testicle
Sikaiana Huaitino Body of an animate being; trunk of a tree
Sikaiana Hunaona Reciprocal term of ascending and descending generation in‑laws... (A respect relationship).
Sikaiana Hui A bunch of coconuts
Sikaiana Se/hui Ten (for birds, coconuts, copra, dollars)
Sikaiana Huke Open up
Sikaiana Hula/hula Oedema
Sikaiana Hule Peel
Sikaiana Huli To turn over
Sikaiana H/hulu Rub something on body
Sikaiana Hune/a Scabies
Sikaiana Vusi Bush, inland area of an island (archaic) Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana V/vusu To punch with a closed fist Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana H/huti Pull or tug
Sikaiana Huti Banana
Sikaiana Hutu Tree sp
Sikaiana Naoaa Heap of rubbish
Sikaiana Nasu Plant species (salt bush?) - used as medicine for scabies, or for decoration
Sikaiana Natala Coral Trout
Sikaiana Naatahi Be the same
Sikaiana Nnie A plant with strong wood
Sikaiana Aa What?
Sikaiana Ai Who?
Sikaiana Aku Swordfish sp
Sikaiana Ala Road
Sikaiana Ama Outrigger
Sikaiana Api Fish sp
Sikaiana Ohi/a To desire, to love, to like; to want
Sikaiana One Famine
Sikaiana Oka Rafter
Sikaiana Oko The muscle of a clam or oyster that is between the shells
Sikaiana Uu Nipple or breast, of female; to suck a breast
Sikaiana Uui To replace something that is hanging; to change a shoulder garment {puipui} or the bottles that hang from trees collecting coconut sap; to change something dangerous into something harmless through ritual
Sikaiana Ulu Enter, go into
Sikaiana Ka Tense-aspect marker, future inceptive
Sikaiana Ka But, and, so
Sikaiana Aha Sail guide rope Problematic
Sikaiana Kai Food, eat
Sikaiana Kaaina Place
Sikaiana Kaiaa Steal
Sikaiana Kakau Swim
Sikaiana Kake Climb
Sikaiana Kalana Song with dance actions brought to Sikaiana from the Gilbert Islands, probably in the 19th century Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana Kalamisi An insect like a cricket Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana Kaleve Sap from coconut tree collected for various uses including molasses (Donner)
Sikaiana Kal(o)lo String along the bottom of a fishing net where stones could be placed to function as weights; string of a bow; string used in a bird net that connects then et to a small support near the handle
Sikaiana Kalu Loose, wrinkled tissue around seed
Sikaiana Kamakama Crab sp
Sikaiana Kanae Fish sp
Sikaiana Kane/tua Back (of person, animal, or thing)