Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Fangasere Precious
Tikopia Foe Paddle
Tikopia Foi Particle of indivualisation (for objects and occasionally persons)
Tikopia Foki Return, retreat
Tikopia Foki Also, too, again
Tikopia Fora Spread out, straighten out, unfold
Tikopia Forau Sea voyage
Tikopia Fole Peel, strip off (as bark, skin) Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Foro Swallow
Tikopia Fono Harangue
Tikopia Fona/akava Ritual basket of food presented to chief from clan or lineage temple rites
Tikopia Fonu Full, fullness
Tikopia Fonu Turtle
Tikopia Fonufonu Water-filled places, water-logged areas
Tikopia Fosa Child (Firth 1954:99)
Tikopia Fosa Root, especially taro corm and other root vegetables
Tikopia Fota Converging lines of stones to assist netting fish
Tikopia Foto hollow out canoe
Tikopia Footu To appear
Tikopia Fotu Hole, holed
Tikopia Fou New, modern, fresh
Tikopia Fuu Hide, keep secret
Tikopia Fufu Hidden, concealed
Tikopia Fuu Children's game in which a cat's eye operculum is hidden in the sand
Tikopia Fua- Numerical classifier, marking ten or hundred, in tally of many kinds of small objects, such as nuts
Tikopia Fua Fruit (n); to fruit
Tikopia Fue/i Egg, egg-shaped object
Tikopia Fua Fleet
Tikopia Nofo fua Naked, bare
Tikopia Fu(a)fua Covered with pimples
Tikopia Fuaanga Ancestors of maternal patrilineage
Tikopia Fuanga Whetstone
Tikopia Fuatanga Lament; dirge; funeral song; certain other traditional ritual songs
Tikopia Fua tasi Only child, solitary person
Tikopia Fue A vine that grows on the strand
Tikopia /Fue/fue Scare away Problematic
Tikopia Futtu Mountain Banana (Musa sp.); short, stubby fruits upstanding on stem Problematic
Tikopia Funga Low, of tide
Tikopia Fongoona Affinal term of reference and address to person of junior kinship grade
Tikopia Fongo(v)ai Affinal relation indicating person of parental kinship grade as object of constrained behaviour
Tikopia Fui To tie, fasten, bind on
Tikopia Fii Bundle, bunch, e.g. of coconuts (5 pairs, i.e. 10 coconuts)
Tikopia Uso Spongy interior, embryo of coconut long mature, in process of germination...; soft core in heart of tree
Tikopia Fii Bunch of coconuts; ten coconuts
Tikopia Fii Sprinkle; immerse, steep; urinate
Tikopia Fui Sprinkle, rain upon (more formal term in rite and song)
Tikopia Fuke Uncover, open up
Tikopia Fura Swell; swollen belly or other part of body
Tikopia Furi Turn, turn over, turn and run, rush off
Tikopia Furitua Turn the back