Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Ausiafi Smoke
Tikopia Autaru Clear land for cultivation (Fth)
Tikopia Ava Channel; stream of any size
Tikopia Aavaga Marry
Tikopia E Verbal particle, present tense marker
Tikopia E Preposition agency marker; with, by
Tikopia Efu Be raised as dust; stirred up, hence sometimes murky
Tikopia Elo Bad-smelling, stinking Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Epa Ritual offering of finely plaited Pandanus mats
Tikopia Eeva Rise in a floating manner
Tikopia Faa Four
Tikopia Faa- Causative
Tikopia Faa Leaf-stem of a fleshy plant
Tikopia Faerere To die in childbirth
Tikopia Faelu Go at random, grope about Problematic
Tikopia Fafa Rope stays and sheet of sailing canoe
Tikopia Faafaa Grope
Tikopia Fafago Waken someone
Tikopia Fali Pick up to get rid of (as ordure etc.) in leaf wrapper; pick up small objects Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Fie, ra/fie Firewood
Tikopia Fafine Woman
Tikopia Fafo Outside
Tikopia Faga Prise open, as bark from tree
Tikopia Faga Open, as of woman's legs or vulva
Tikopia Faagai Feed people, pets or plants
Tikopia Fangaamea Sea fish sp., ? Red Snapper (Lutjanus bohar)
Tikopia Fango Sniff, smell
Tikopia Faangongo Half coconut shell
Tikopia Faangota Fish in deep sea by handline
Tikopia Fai Ray, of several species
Tikopia Fai Make, do, prepare, produce
Tikopia Fai Produce a child Problematic
Tikopia Fai In active sense e.g. have a dream
Tikopia Faingataa Difficulty; effective power
Tikopia Fairu Grope about Problematic
Tikopia Faaite Accumulate in pile, as barkcloth
Tikopia Mua/faitoka/ The spot in front of Rarofiroki temple (Kch) Problematic
Tikopia Faiva Doings, pursuits, skill
Tikopia Faka- Causative
Tikopia Faka- After the style of
Tikopia Faka- N times
Tikopia Fakafoa Boil, swelling on the body
Tikopia Fakaita/ita Tense body and arms in anger
Tikopia Fakakii Throat
Tikopia Fakaara Reciprocal gift of pudding
Tikopia Fakaraa Expose to sun
Tikopia Fakaranu Cause to flow, wash, ritually sprinkle, asperge
Tikopia Fakarere Cause to run; fly; startle, disturb
Tikopia Fakaari Tell, announce, inform
Tikopia Fakaari Hold up to view