Entries from Lieber & Dikepa 1974 in Pollex-Online

Lieber, M. D. and K. H. Dikepa (1974). Kapingamarangi Lexicon. Honolulu, University Press of Hawaii.

Language Item Description
Kapingamarangi Heni Dusk Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi M/midi Swift flow (of current); swept by current
Kapingamarangi Made Paralyzed
Kapingamarangi Mee Be able
Kapingamarangi Hanga/a Method, way, technique
Kapingamarangi Deemuu Quiet, silent (of a person)
Kapingamarangi Dali To braid finish on the side edge of a dabagau mat
Kapingamarangi Dinae Be pregnant
Kapingamarangi Bolobolo Basket variety (made from green coconut leaves)
Kapingamarangi Haha Slack rope on the boom sheet
Kapingamarangi Dubu Left behind, remaining
Kapingamarangi Dubu To behave as; image, likeness
Kapingamarangi Haga/molooloo To rest
Kapingamarangi Daga/tii Scoop out by inserting knife between meat and shell; to cut copra Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Deelaa That, there (away from speaker and hearer); which, who
Kapingamarangi Deenaa That there (near hearer)
Kapingamarangi Madaalili uu Nipple of breasts Problematic
Kapingamarangi Diga To turn, make a turn
Kapingamarangi Dogo To squat, to urinate (females); to perch, to land on; stopped at
Kapingamarangi Dada To pull; to drag; to grab (away from)
Kapingamarangi Dau ama Rope connecting mast with the outrigger
Kapingamarangi Daudali Follow
Kapingamarangi Moe-aa Shark sp.
Kapingamarangi Dama daane Boy
Kapingamarangi Badage Shallow (bowl or basket)
Kapingamarangi Dungu To smell, smell of
Kapingamarangi Haga/alahia Insomnia
Kapingamarangi Duugaha Clean coconut husk ready for making sennit
Kapingamarangi Gaamai To bring, to give (to me, to us) Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Gawadu To give or carry (toward hearer)
Kapingamarangi Gawaga To bring up, to carry (from below to upward or west to east)
Kapingamarangi Manga To turn brown (from eating), to tan in the sun Problematic
Kapingamarangi Daamada Begin, start Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Ulu Ancient prayer, ancient chant
Kapingamarangi Baa-gia Concavities of a tree trunk; to dent, dented
Kapingamarangi Baa/gia To drift, carried (by current) Problematic
Kapingamarangi Paa Slap; clap (once); pat
Kapingamarangi Lamu Flies, mosquitoes Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Ngaangaa Unstable, not sturdy, rickety, not tight
Kapingamarangi Labiaa Fish sp.
Kapingamarangi Akaa To build an open fire
Kapingamarangi T/ungaalodo Centre, middle, mid-point; halfway Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Oli To entice, to talk one into; persuade, cajole
Kapingamarangi Hai/nga a mee Wedding feast
Kapingamarangi Hagaaloho To feel sorrow
Kapingamarangi Hagaaloho Greeting
Kapingamarangi Hagaaloho nia lima To shake hands
Kapingamarangi Naaniu Serious, increased in intensity Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Iha Climb down (after finishing work in a tree or on a ladder) [sense of completed, non-repetitive action]
Kapingamarangi Daha Out, apart from; outside of