Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Foʔi Return v
Samoan Foʔi Also
Samoan Fola Spread
Samoan Foolafola Announce publicly
Samoan Folau Ship, voyage
Samoan Folo Swallow, ingest
Samoan Fono Patch, inlay
Samoan Fono A plank of a canoe
Samoan Fono Deliberative assembly
Samoan Fono Provide food to accompany kava , cold food
Samoan Foto Barb of stingray
Samoan Fotu Appear
Samoan Fou New
Samoan Fuu Vagina
Samoan Fua Measure; size
Samoan Fua Preposed particle used with numerals to indicate ten times
Samoan Fua Fruit
Samoan Fua/a/manava Testicles
Samoan Fua Spawn of fish
Samoan Fua Fleet, flotilla of canoes
Samoan Fua Postposed particle, only, just
Samoan Fualau Gather sugarcane leaf to make thatching
Samoan Fuaa Jealous
Samoan Fuafua Pimple, abscess , abscesses in hands, feet or face
Samoan Fuata Handle of spear
Samoan Fuata Crop from a tree
Samoan Fuataga Quantity of sugarcane leaves collected by one person
Samoan Fuataagalu A succession of heavy waves rolling up and breaking on the coral reef, or on the shore
Samoan Fuatasi Only one, to be , peculiar to, to be
Samoan Fue Fly-whisk carried by chiefs and orators; whisk v.
Samoan Fufaa Portion of pork between legs
Samoan Fufu Onanism
Samoan Fugafuga Loose fragments of coconut husk etc.
Samoan Fuga Flower, blossom
Samoan Fui Cluster of nuts
Samoan Fui/fui Keep, stick together
Samoan Fui To dip, steep in water
Samoan Fu/fui/ To steep
Samoan Fui/fui/ Dip
Samoan Fuia (Aplonis sp.) Samoan Starling
Samoan Fuʔa Cut the hair
Samoan Fua/fuati Lock of hair
Samoan Fuʔe Uncover
Samoan Fula Swell, swelling ; dropsy of the belly. Class of illness marked by swelling of tissues (McP).
Samoan Fu(la)/fula Be swollen (frequentative)
Samoan Fuli Turn (round or over)
Samoan Fulitua Turn one's back on
Samoan Fulu Hair, feather
Samoan Fu/fulu (pass. fulu/a) To rub, to wash, to wipe
Samoan Funa/a Conceal (with negative) (applied to scent or a wind rising)