Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Faʔafoa Come up, form, of a boil
Samoan Faʔaafu Lay firewood ready for lighting
Samoan Faʔaafu February-March
Samoan Mataliliki To be finely plaited, as a mat or hat; to have small meshes, as a net
Samoan Faʔafuaseʔi Suddenly; to come or go suddenly
Samoan Faʔaipoipo Marry. said to be from RAR Problematic
Samoan Faʔaita Offend, make angry
Samoan Faʔaʔau/ʔau Show favour to, be partial to Problematic
Samoan Faʔaʔii Throat
Samoan Faʔaʔonoʔono To provoke; provoking
Samoan Faʔaʔuuʔuu Sulky
Samoan Faʔalaa To expose to the sun
Samoan Faʔalanu To wash off salt water; prevent the effects supposed to arise from eating tapui nuts; remit punishment; remove offence by undergoing a penalty
Samoan Faʔalava Across
Samoan Faʔaleetuli To dislike, as a woman her husband
Samoan Faʔalele Release (bird or missile)
Samoan Faʔalogo Hear, listen, pay attention, obey, feel
Samoan Faʔalotolotolua To be of two minds, to be undecided
Samoan Faʔamatala To explain
Samoan Faʔamatuu(tuu) To dry in the air, to drain dry (as sea eggs); to dry oneself after bathing
Samoan Faʔamau To make fast; make a stand in a war; betrothed one
Samoan Faʔamaaumau Waste, squander
Samoan Faʔamaveʔuveʔu To unsettle, to create confusion Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Faʔamele Refuse, reject; depreciate, disparge
Samoan Faʔaopo Put to, add together, join to
Samoan Faʔapee Leave till soft, as breadfruit to make olula
Samoan Faʔapelepele To take care of, to make much of
Samoan Faʔasesee To cause to go astray, to mislead; to bring the head of a canoe to the wind so as to leave the sail flapping
Samoan Faʔaseʔe Ride the surf
Samoan Faʔaata Mirror
Samoan Faʔatagi/tagi To jingle, to ring a bell
Samoan Faʔatasi To add to, to join together to make one; to be together
Samoan Faʔatemu Take slight hold of
Samoan Faʔatiu Northerly wind
Samoan Faʔatofutofu/sia To receive each a portion
Samoan Faʔatoʔa First
Samoan Faʔatuli/tuli To pretend to be deaf
Samoan Faʔauta(uta) Behold, attend to; devise, plan, consider
Samoan Faʔavae To lay the foundation
Samoan Faʔavaʔa Wooden handle of fishing rod, binding of book, frame of a slate
Samoan Faʔi Break off, snap off, pick; banana
Samoan Fala Mat
Samoan Fala Pandanus
Samoan Salasala (Collospermum sp.) Problematic
Samoan Falala Lean , aslant, to be
Samoan Aa/folau Long house
Samoan Fale House
Samoan Fale ʔoloa Shop, store
Samoan Falee-tolu The three northwest villages of Ta`uu (Mead 1930:11)
Samoan Faaliu Look back, turn head, look over shoulder