Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Velo Afterdeck of a bonito-canoe
Samoan Tuʔu/tuʔu ifo To let down
Samoan Tuʔu To cut down
Samoan Tapa One of the white borders of a *siapo*
Samoan Tapatai Seaward
Samoan Gose A cat Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Sua To tack a ship
Samoan Taau/tolu Three hanging together, as a cluster of three oranges, or three wives, etc.
Samoan Tuaamata Eyelid. Eyebrow (Mnr). Upper eyelid (McP).
Samoan Suʔi/suʔia Stabbing pain in foot
Samoan Suʔi The stem of a cocoa-nut leaflet used as a fork
Samoan Suʔi To thread on a string, as beads; to twist sugar-cane leaf on to a reed, as in making thatch; to do needlework Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Taa To wash clothes by beating
Samoan Siʔi To take oneself off in a grudge
Samoan Nanu Stammer, pronounce wrongly
Samoan Nani Talk indistinctly Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Tae Pick up, gather
Samoan Seʔe/seʔe To drag oneself along sitting on the ground
Samoan Se/seʔe To slide along sitting; to glide on the waves
Samoan Ui/ga An explanation; the meaning of anything
Samoan Epu-a To stir about, to stir up (as water); to stir round, as arrowroot in preparing it
Samoan Malepe To be broken, come to pieces (of things which are put together or made, such as boats, boxes, houses).
Samoan Tautama/a To suckle (a Manu'a word for *faailele*). (Of woman) be excused from social duties owing to having an infant to care for (Mnr).
Samoan Tautonu To come right, to come direct to a party. Score a hit, hit the target (Mnr).
Samoan Faitalia Will, choice; to do as one chooses
Samoan Soifua Life, to live (of chiefs). Health (po.) (Mnr).
Samoan Aloa Interjection of joyful surprise (Oi aloā, 'a 'e sau!)
Samoan Aloa-ina To be treated with respect
Samoan Laʔei To wear a train; to dress for a review of troops; *ti* leaves tied to a stone to attract cuttlefish.
Samoan Faʔamoli/moli Portions of food (for those remaining behind). Present given by traveller or sent by one who is absent (Mnr).
Samoan Faʔanoa(noa) To mourn, to grieve Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Faaufau To feel sick
Samoan Saga A dowry, property given by the woman's family at her marriage
Samoan Lagi To call out the different portions of food at a feast, and for whom intended
Samoan Mafatia To be weighed down; burdened, oppressed; dead
Samoan Matini An offering of branches of certain trees, to induce *aitu* to pass over the place where they are hung without calling in.
Samoan Mati Stale, as water that has been left for some time, or coconuts picked some days before; also of *'ava*
Samoan Sai To be good looking (as a man, house, canoe &c)
Samoan Ifo To bow down, as do those conquered in war. Give in, surrender; make a formal apology (Mnr).
Samoan Liua A hollow in the road or in the ground
Samoan Tuuga A portion beyond the appointed share of food or property; a privilege which some are allowed to ask for; the acquisition of all the great titles. Uncertain Semantic Connection