Entries from Moyle 2011 in Pollex-Online

Richard M.Moyle, Takuu Grammar and Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics 634.

Language Item Description
Takuu Epa Coconut leaf mat in a clan elder's house on which the elder lies, and on which very sick people are ritually treated; woven container for turmeric powder stored inside a section of large-diameter bamboo
Takuu F/faa/ To split, cut, or break open something (esp. coconuts); perform a surgical operation; (of an egg) hatch
Takuu Haaeo Bad...anger...awfully
Takuu Ffaa, ppaa Carry someone on the back; cloth used for tying a child on one's back
Takuu Ffie Firewood
Takuu Ffine Woman, girl; female animal
Takuu Hainataa Difficult, hard, slow
Takuu Haitamana Father and children
Takuu Haka- Causative prefix
Takuu Hakkaa Sharpen an edge
Takuu Hakaraa Put in the sun, expose to the sun, dry something in the sun; (of area exposed in low tide) completely dry
Takuu Kai/lesi Lie, deceive; liar
Takuu Hakaari Reveal, confess; show, display
Takuu Hakallono Listen
Takuu Hakaseke Slide, body-surf; sail a canoe with a tail wind, travel in a following sea; glide, as a canoe through water; drift
Takuu F/fano/ Wash one's hands
Takuu Ffao Put, pack or stuff something into something else
Takuu Vaasua Horsehoof Clam [Hippopus hippopus] Phonologically Irregular
Takuu Haatina te mataarima Knuckle of the finger or thumb
Takuu Haatina te mataavae Knuckle of the toe
Takuu Haatina rima Measure from fingertip to elbow
Takuu Haatina te turi Knee joint
Takuu Hati uku Unit of measurement, from the fingertip of one hand to the extended elbow of the other arm
Takuu Hatu (pl. ffatu) Fold, roll up; tuck (one's legs), bend (one's elbow or knee)
Takuu Tiri/hoouna Kingfisher (Todiramphus [Halcyon] chloris)
Takuu F/felo/ Yellow, orange
Takuu Tama hakasere Institutionalized indulgence for a particular child, who was not permitted to undertake manual labour; spoilt child
Takuu Taahora/na Large flat area of land; plain
Takuu Hono The built-up sides of a canoe; wash-strake plank
Takuu Huana Light grey pumice which occasionally drifts to Takuu...
Takuu F/fui Wash, rinse, tip something into the water to wet it; cleanse (in physical or ritual sense)
Takuu F/fura Swell, be swollen; visibly pregnant
Takuu Hure/i Pull back the foreskin of penis; erect penis
Takuu Mahure (of skin) Peeling
Takuu Huna Don a garment by fastening it around the waist, be clothed in a laplap...
Takuu Ppusu, vusu Box, fight with fists Phonologically Irregular
Takuu N/naa Action involving opening the mouth and making a noise (especially when sleeping) [snore, stammer] Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu Naa Plural definite article
Takuu Naenae Lazy, unmotivated; fatigue, laziness, tiredness, boredom; pant, as from fatigue
Takuu Naakau Part of the meat of a mollusc
Takuu Naa nafu Encrusted layers of greyish ash residue in a hearth; dust Phonologically Irregular
Takuu -nauhie Take a short time to do something, or have something done to it; therefore frequently translatable as 'easy, easily'
Takuu N/nase (of a person, ship, etc.) Slow in responding, or bringing something; (of a watch or clock) slow in keeping time
Takuu Nasu Shrub sp. with small flowers (Scaevola sericia or Scaevola taccada)...
Takuu Hainauhie Easy, simple; to be treated lightly
Takuu Natae Tree sp. with red flowers, found only on the smaller islands
Takuu Naatai Flotsam, objects drifting to Takuu from other places
Takuu Nau Chew (e.g. sugarcane or pandanus fruit) so as to suck the juice; (of food) difficult to swallow because it is too tough to bite through
Takuu Nnie Tree sp. (Pemphis acidula)
Takuu Nnoo Brown Noddy (Anous stolidus), or ? White-capped Noddy