Entries from Moyle 2011 in Pollex-Online

Richard M.Moyle, Takuu Grammar and Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics 634.

Language Item Description
Takuu Reia Vomit back food through the nose; choke while drinking
Takuu Llee Fly; (of fish or other marine animal) move through the water, swim; (of wind) change direction, shift...
Takuu Rehu Toxic, indigestible, spoiled Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu Rehu/rehu Small rain cloud
Takuu Reo Voice, melody of a song or musical instrument, intonation
Takuu Hekau Belongings, possessions, equipment (esp. of fishing), handicrafts
Takuu Reu (of fruit) Ripe; (of a pimple, sore, etc.) having a head or scab that may be removed to extract the pus
Takuu Riaki Perform throwing motion without releasing an object from the hand; scatter about, sprinkle; flick (s.o. from s.t. else); throw s.o. to the ground; throw s.t. over s.t. else without releasing it from one’s hand; shake out (with vigorous hand movement); throw with a sling; shed (hair, leaves, skin, etc.); cast off, lose (a tooth); lay (an egg) outside the nest; (of a baby) born prematurely
Takuu Ria Louse egg
Takuu -riki Diminutive
Takuu Rimu Generic term for certain types of seaweeds that grow singly or in clumps but do not send out runners
Takuu Rilo Go out of sight, disappear
Takuu Rima Five
Takuu Rima Arm, hand
Takuu Lo/lo/sii, lo/ro/sii (pl. lollosii) Watch over something or someone; protect
Takuu Loata, roata Generic term for the ant
Takuu L/lohi, lo/rohi Flood, inundate
Takuu Rokonui, lokonui Widow, divorcee
Takuu Lloo Coconut cream; coconut oil to which leaf fragrances are added after the meat has been boiled and strained; any expressed food
Takuu Lloi Prepare (food) with coconut cream
Takuu L/lomi, romi Press down, plant (taro...), push or hold under water, submerge, drown an animal...
Takuu Roto Angry, mad; anger
Takuu Rua Depression, hole in ground
Takuu Rua Vomit, throw up, retch
Takuu Rua, lua Two
Takuu Rue Rock or shake something back and forth
Takuu Lluu Sheltered from the wind; sheltered area
Takuu Rupe Pacific Imperial Pigeon (Ducula pacifica)
Takuu Rupo Fish sp., small growth stage of Caranx spp. which grows into a matapuku
Takuu Ma And, with
Takuu Maea Rope that is wound (as opposed to braided)
Takuu Mataaua Raindrop
Takuu Mana Forked, branching; fork, crotch
Takuu Makkaa (of a rope) Taut; (of a person) strong, healthy
Takuu Maneo Itch or sting due to an insect bite, coral or jellyfish sting, irritating plant material...; sexual excitement
Takuu M/muru Apply mulch or compost to a taro crop Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu Manoo General term for sharks
Takuu Manunu Edge of water, shoreline Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu Mai Bring it here!
Takuu Maile Fern sp. (Polypodium scolopendria)
Takuu Makallii (of o.s.) Be cool or cold; (of the weather, air etc.) cold; feverish
Takuu Maki Sick, ill
Takuu Mako Dance; dance song
Takuu Mako/pini, moko/pini Hardwood tree growing plentifully on Takuu island between Te Kaaina and I Tuattori
Takuu Mara/mara Wood cuttings, chips, or sawdust as a residue of carving; ashes of a pipe, cigarette, fire etc.
Takuu Mara Black Rock Cod (Epinephelus sp.) caught in the ocean
Takuu Marae Ritual performance arena...
Takuu Marana (of the tide) Rise, come up; surface, rise to the surface; be uprooted
Takuu Mallaa Red-hot; (of a fire) have embers
Takuu Marari General term for all species of small fish caught in saavake fishing and used as live bait for tuna fishing