Entries from Moyle 2011 in Pollex-Online

Richard M.Moyle, Takuu Grammar and Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics 634.

Language Item Description
Takuu Aa What? what kind of?; why? (what for?)
Takuu Sannee (of horizontal beam, etc.) Bent, crooked, warped; (of fish) scatter, disperse; (of log, canoe, etc.) split, crack Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu Ai Who? whom?
Takuu Ake Post-verbal particle indicating lateral movement
Takuu Aku Needlefish or Longtom (Strongylura or Tylosurus indica)
Takuu Ara Trail, track, path, road; way, method; behaviour
Takuu Api Spotted Surgeonfish (Acanthurus guttatus)
Takuu Iho/ana Place where descent (literal or figurative) occurs
Takuu Ina Shine, of a torch or flame, light a fire or otherwise provide light...; go fishing at night with a light
Takuu Inoa Name
Takuu One Drought, famine
Takuu Oka Rafter of a house
Takuu Oka Husk (coconuts using a stick); husking stick
Takuu Oro-ia Rub against something, grind, or grate using a long blade with a back and forth motion; tool which uses this action (exs. grating taro, grinding shell artefacts, flattening pandanus leaves)
Takuu Uu Breast; suck at the breast, suckle, nurse
Takuu Uri Fish sp., blue and some yellow, caught in the lagoon with a line
Takuu Uru Enter or exit a location
Takuu Kaa Sharp (of an edge only)
Takuu Kahukahu karamata The transparent covering over the pupil of the eye; cataract; covering over the eye; eyelid
Takuu Kai-na Eat, bite (of fish), gnaw; meal
Takuu Kaai Fern sp. (Arachniodes aristata); creeper (Fabaceae sp.) Problematic
Takuu Kaimarie Generous
Takuu Kaipea Generic name for crabs
Takuu Kkahi Sail direct to a location (depending on the wind direction)
Takuu Kkara Fragrance, aroma; delicious, fragrant
Takuu Kake Climb (up), ascend, rise, increase; board a canoe; (of a ship) run aground, (whale) stranded on the reef
Takuu Kannaa Cry out (a name, etc.), call (to someone) Phonologically Irregular
Takuu Karea General term for various types of univalve molluscs. Conch-shell (Hwd).
Takuu Kareve Coconut toddy made from the collected sap from an inflorescence of the coconut tree
Takuu Karikao Fish-hook made of trochus shell used for bonito fishing
Takuu Karisi Lizard sp. (small and brown, with blue and green colorations down its length)
Takuu Karo Dodge, avoid, shirk, divert, detour
Takuu Karo Goatfish (Mullidae auriflamma), juvenile growth stage of vete
Takuu Kalloo Cord running along the top and bottome edges of a long net
Takuu Kamakama Name for at least two kinds of edible rock crab
Takuu Kamu Small branching coral sp. with sharp spines
Takuu Kanae Sea Mullet (Mugil cephalus)
Takuu Kanapu. Kenapu (Hdn). Red-footed Booby (Sula sula)
Takuu Kanekane Anus
Takuu Kaniva Cloud Borrowed
Takuu Takaniva The Milky Way
Takuu Kanu Design or pattern with which something is covered, as a fish, turtle, tattoo
Takuu Kao Long-necked sea bird similar to a heron which walks in shallow water and stabs fish with its beak
Takuu Kapakau Wing of a bird, pectoral fin of a fish, flipper of a turtle, arm (from shoulder to fingertips); measure of distance from one's fingertip to one's shoulder
Takuu Kape Lift up and remove by using a stick, one's extended finger, or a similar object; take up, lever up; remove from fire, shove away using the foot; forcibly remove
Takuu Hak/kapi Hold under arm; tuck into the waistband of laplap; use tongs...
Takuu Kapi Part of a backstrap loom: the two wooden bars at each end of the loom which hold it taut during the weaving...
Takuu Kaapiti Mat woven from a single coconut frond used for walls of house
Takuu Kasana Ring (on one’s finger)
Takuu Kasi Bivalve mollusc sp., shell used for scraper