Entries from Moyle 2011 in Pollex-Online

Richard M.Moyle, Takuu Grammar and Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics 634.

Language Item Description
Takuu Marama Moon, month
Takuu Marau General term for squirrelfish (Holocentridae sp.)
Takuu Marau Melanesian Scrubfowl (Megapodius eremita)
Takuu Mare Clear one's throat
Takuu Marena Green parrotfish (Bolbomeetropon musicatus)
Takuu Maremo (of a human) Drown, suffocate in water
Takuu Ma(a)rie Sweet-tasting, (of fruit) fresh, delicious [from Nukumanu] Borrowed
Takuu Maarie Slowly, slightly
Takuu Mannii Spill over Phonologically Irregular
Takuu Marino Lacking wind, calm; smooth undisturbed area of water....
Takuu Maro Fabric, cloth, laplap
Takuu Maru Shade, shaded area, shadow; (of weather) approach
Takuu Maaruu (pl. malluu) Defecate, have a bowel movement, go to the toilet (pl. malluu)
Takuu Maamaa Lungs
Takuu Mmae Sting, smart
Takuu Mmao Far, distant
Takuu Mmata Look at, watch; watch over, manage, supervise, direct; inspect; mirror, glasses, spectacles
Takuu Mana Continual thunder (a feature of mid-year weather); thunder occurring simultaneously with lightning (considered damaging and able to strike trees)
Takuu Manako Want something, desire
Takuu Maanatu, manatu/a Think; bear in mind, consider; remember; believe something; be homesick, pine
Takuu Manava Stomach, abdomen, belly; seat of the emotions, feelings; underside or belly of something; hip bone
Takuu Maanava Breathe; take a rest, get relief...
Takuu Mania Absolutely smooth...; slippery
Takuu Mannii Convict Tang (Acanthurus triostegus)
Takuu Mano Large number, ten thousand
Takuu Manoni Fragrant; fragrance, pleasant odour, aroma
Takuu Manu Generic taxon which includes all animals, insects, arachnids, birds, and a variety of marine life other than fish
Takuu Mao (of rain, urination, defecation or a menstrual period) Over, finished
Takuu Moa (of food) Sufficiently cooked, done
Takuu Maaoni True, real; truly, really
Takuu Maota Tree sp. with hard, red, wood, food for making planks, that drifts to Takuu
Takuu Masa (of the tide) Low, out; (of a container) empty of liquid, dry
Takuu Masana Turtle sp. with valuable shell whose plates are part of the hakatuu ritual
Takuu Maasana Twins
Takuu Maasara Breathing (in the sense of being alive or well); regain consciousness...; conscious, revived; remember, recall
Takuu Maasaro, maasalo Experience an emotion, feel sorry (for what one has done or not done); feel happy or thankful; admire
Takuu Maasina (of moon, fire, flashlight) Shine; (of water) clear but whitish; illuminated area
Takuu Mata- Eye, face, appearance
Takuu Atu/mata One mesh within a hand net
Takuu Mata, mata- Front end or edge, tip, face
Takuu Mata Raw, uncooked
Takuu Mata- Numerical prefix denoting a unit of ten (fish, taro)
Takuu Mataatara Triangular end of a house above the doorway. King-post complex at ends of house consisting of king post and struts (Hwd).
Takuu Matani Wind, air, breath; propellor
Takuu Mataku Afraid, fearful, scared
Takuu Matara Separated; undone, untied, unravelled; (of bivalve) open; (of overcast sky) open up, allow sun to break through
Takuu Mataarima Finger
Takuu Maatau Fishhook; fish with a hook
Takuu Maatau Right hand, right side
Takuu Mate Die; death, corpse