Entries from Moyle 2011 in Pollex-Online

Richard M.Moyle, Takuu Grammar and Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics 634.

Language Item Description
Takuu Kasikasi Skin condition (of dog or human) brought about by much scratching of the skin; scabies, mange
Takuu Kata Laugh, smile
Takuu Kata Moray Eel (Gymnothorax sp.?); snake; tapeworm and other parasitic species. Lobster (?) (Hwd).
Takuu Katea Side of a canoe away from the outrigger. Canoe proper (as opposed to the outrigger side) (Hwd).
Takuu Kati/kati Abrade, rub or scratch against something Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu Kkau Swim
Takuu Kau-, kkau- Pluraliser (Makes a group into a collective noun)
Takuu Kau- Stalk, stem, solid handle of an object, branch of a tree, underground runner of certain plants (e.g. yam, banana). Sticks of fish net (kupena) (Hwd).
Takuu Kau(v)ae Cheek, chin, jawbone (of humans and fish)
Takuu Kaunutu Edge (of mat, etc.), selvedge (of cloth on a loom)
Takuu Kaui/na Series of loops in the rope attached to the lower edge of a sail
Takuu Kaukau Bathe, cleanse, purify, ritually cleanse or purify
Takuu Kave, kkave Send, take
Takuu Kave Classificatory sibling of opposite sex
Takuu Kaavei Handle (as of a basket or lamp)
Takuu Kaavei Tentacle of an octopus or cuttlefish; tendrils of some types of stinging jellyfish
Takuu Kaviti Ghost crab (Ocypode spp.)
Takuu Kee Different; differently, another way
Takuu Kere/kere Dirt, soil, sand, ground, coral chips; sandy
Takuu Keri Dig, dig for, dig up
Takuu K/kena/ Pale, whitish-yellow, blond
Takuu Mauo/kena/ Bird sp., a type of kanapu
Takuu Ki To, towards, inside
Takuu Kiato Outrigger boom of a canoe
Takuu Kie Pandanus sp. used for constructing ritual and decorative ornaments
Takuu Kkii Supplement a starchy food with meat or fish, or vice versa; food used as supplement
Takuu Kiu Large number, bigger than mano (10,000) but smaller than popu (100,000). Hundred thousand (100,000) (Hwd).
Takuu Kivi General term for shore birds and waders that feed on the ground: Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva), Mongolian Plover (Charadrius mongolia), Wandering Tattler (Tringa incana)
Takuu Koe 2sg pronoun: you
Takuu Koo Any long object with a sharp end: sharpened stick used for digging, husking coconuts, etc.; part of a backstrap loom; canine tooth; cockspur
Takuu Koi Still (post-verbal)
Takuu K/koru Curved, bent into a curve; (of a person) stooped; bow (n), shoot with bow
Takuu Koorua Second person dual pronoun, you
Takuu Koni Have sexual intercourse, copulate
Takuu K/kono Strain (one's muscles, as in labour or defecation)
Takuu Koopuu Stomach (organ) of any animal; pocket...sack, bag; head of an octopus
Takuu Koroa Set of whale's or porpoise's teeth; collective term for cultural valuables
Takuu Kootou Second person plural pronoun, you
Takuu Aa/ku First person singular possessive postposed pronoun, sg and pl, of mine
Takuu Ku Future tense or stative marker
Takuu Kua So-called ‘money cord’ made by women from tiny coconut shell discs threaded into one-metre lengths
Takuu Kuru Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis)
Takuu K/kumi Squeeze, pinch the nose (e.g. while underwater), clench the fist, express liquid
Takuu Kupena Net (generic)
Takuu Kutu Louse, flea; have head lice, contain fleas
Takuu Ia Focus marker; phrase marker following the name or pronoun, and marking a contrast between one phrase and another
Takuu Ia He, she, it; him, her
Takuu Ika Generic term for fish, including marine mammals, some turtles, and two species of clam
Takuu Ilaamotu Reciprocal kinship term: classificatory mother's brother (maternal uncle), sister's child (nephew, niece)
Takuu Urumaki Stab, pierce, thrust, penetrate