Entries from Shibata 2003 in Pollex-Online

Shibata, N. (2003). Penrhyn-English Dictionary. Kyoto, ELPR.

Language Item Description
Penrhyn Rapa Flat
Penrhyn Rapa To flash, lighten
Penrhyn Rapu Knead, mix, massage
Penrhyn Rahi Large; many, much Problematic
Penrhyn Rasu Snatch, gather hurriedly
Penrhyn Rau Leaf
Penrhyn Rau One, traditionally used for counting fish and turtles Problematic
Penrhyn Rau Many
Penrhyn Rau Net of Coconut leaves
Penrhyn Rau Hundred; one hundred fathoms; two hundred, traditionally used for counting birds, fish and coconuts
Penrhyn Rauhara Pandanus leaf
Penrhyn Raurau Rough basket made of coconut frond for carrying and/or containing foods
Penrhyn Raatou Third person plural independent pronoun
Penrhyn Rava Enough, sufficient, abundant
Penrhyn Rave Take, have, adopt, prepare; catch (n)
Penrhyn Rehu Ash
Penrhyn Rengarenga Yellow
Penrhyn Reira Referring to the time or place or situation already mentioned: that, there, thus
Penrhyn Reka Pleasant; nice, good, enjoyable, tasteful, interesting
Penrhyn Reke Shank knob of fishhook
Penrhyn Rere Fly, skip, swing
Penrhyn Reireiono Banded trevally (Gnathanodon speciosus)
Penrhyn Remu Moss, seaweed; kind of edible seaweed which is sometimes eaten
Penrhyn Reo Voice, language
Penrhyn Repe To tear, cut open
Penrhyn Repe Cockscomb, crest; wattle, dewlap
Penrhyn Repo Dirt, filth; soil; excrement, feces; to be dirty; to evacuate
Penrhyn Reu Maturation stage of coconut...
Penrhyn Reva Float; sky, air; weather
Penrhyn Reva Depart (by ship or plane), leave; travel
Penrhyn Reva Flag
Penrhyn Rii Tie something around something; handerchief
Penrhyn Rihariha Be afraid of
Penrhyn Ringi Pour
Penrhyn Ri/ringi Pour out
Penrhyn Ria Louse larva
Penrhyn Rika/rika Be afraid of; frightening, frightened, terrible, horrible
Penrhyn Riki/riki Small
Penrhyn Riri Become angry
Penrhyn Riro Disappear; die, pass away
Penrhyn Riro Become, take (sic); happen, come about
Penrhyn Rima Five
Penrhyn Rima Hand-arm
Penrhyn Rito Central unexpanded coconut frond; fibre/string made from the outer skin of the leaflets of this
Penrhyn Riu Bilge-water; bilge of canoe
Penrhyn Ro/a Ant
Penrhyn Roa Long, tall
Penrhyn Roa Quite, very, immediately
Penrhyn Roherohe Insect larva, mosquito larva
Penrhyn Rongo Hear