Entries from Buse 1996 in Pollex-Online

Buse, J. (1996). Cook Islands Maori dictionary with English-Cook Islands Maori finderlist. Canberra, Pacific Linguistics.

Language Item Description
Rarotongan Keo/keo Sharp-pointed, fine pointed; sharp point (of needle)
Rarotongan Kaare ake Not yet
Rarotongan Ake/nei Just recently (postverbal)
Rarotongan Mangamanga Multiple branching
Rarotongan Tuukee Different, altered, strange queer
Rarotongan Ivi metua Backbone, vertebrae
Rarotongan Ivi mokotua Backbone, the necessary basis of anything Problematic
Rarotongan Peeia LIke this
Rarotongan I Preposition marking the immediate goal (object) of a transitive verb
Rarotongan Kura A gift which a travelling party sends on ahead to their prospective hosts...
Rarotongan Puu Completely, entirely, as a whole, altogether, all at once, suddenly
Rarotongan Toro/toro Creep, slither, crawl; stretch out, extend (as tendrils etc.)
Rarotongan Totoro Crawl, creep
Rarotongan Pooiri tango/tango Pitch dark(ness), benighted ignorance
Rarotongan Poro Heel, kneecap, elbow; heel of axe; head of hammer or nail
Rarotongan Tapariri Wriggle, squirm Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan Taakeo Poisoned, stupefied; poisonous
Rarotongan Puutiki Tie the hair up in a knot, topknot (traditionally of men's hair)
Rarotongan Pere/ʔuu Run or strip sthg through the hand or fingers, as in squeezing water from a lock of hair, or unrolling sleeves quickly and carelessly
Rarotongan ʔAkakite(kite) Disclose, reveal, tell
Rarotongan ʔIamoe (AIT) Sleepy
Rarotongan Tai mate Low tide
Rarotongan Mareka Feel pleasure, take pleasure in something, appreciate; pleased, happy....
Rarotongan ʔAkaʔangiʔangi Start to blow (of a breeze)
Rarotongan Ivi Race (of people), stock
Rarotongan Kainga Table or mat spread with food; meal, feast
Rarotongan Noo te mea Because, for the (following) reason
Rarotongan ʔI/ʔii Catch on a snag; entangle; strike (gold, fish, luck), encounter
Rarotongan Pupu Group of people
Rarotongan Putu Heap up, pile
Rarotongan Roro Full-flavoured, delicious; sweet [Atiu]
Rarotongan Tuu/pou Bow, bend down, stoop forward, lower the head
Rarotongan Pou Dive (through the air)
Rarotongan To/toʔa Spread (vt, vi)
Rarotongan Vaavaa Spaced out, well apart; gaps, spaces
Rarotongan ʔOongaa Extra, surplus, additional, excess Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan Mama-ʔia Disseminate by word of mouth Problematic
Rarotongan Vai/raakau Medicine (general term); treat (with medicine etc.)...
Rarotongan Raakau Timber, piece of wood, stick, pole, plank, board, bat, racquet, etc.; made of wood, wooden
Rarotongan Aʔore A fish, about a foot long with small silvery scales, black stripe along the back and black spot on tail-fin; edible; mountain bass (Duleidae)
Rarotongan ʔIiroa Name of fish: coloured grey and brown; orange around the mouth with projecting upper teeth; one of the snappers (Lutjanidae)
Rarotongan Toro Stretch, reach, spread out, extend, creep along (as creeping plant); stick out, project; cape, promontory, spit of land, projection
Rarotongan Tauʔoaʔoa To make friends (reciprocal); [friendship]
Rarotongan A(a) Like, resembling, in the manner of (often used without a following article)
Rarotongan Ee And, or
Rarotongan Aa- Alternative or diminutive in meaning: rather, somewhat, -ish
Rarotongan Roroi A dish of sliced taro or kumara mixed with coconut cream and baked in banana leaves
Rarotongan ʔE aʔa...ei? No te aʔa...ei? What for? why?
Rarotongan ʔAapuku Gulp down, swallow (a solid object)
Rarotongan Kaatiri Breed, produce a line of offspring; breed, strain, race