Entries from Capell 1962 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1962). The Polynesian Language of Mae (Emwae), New Hebrides. Auckland, Linguistic Society of New Zealand.

Language Item Description
Emae Ea To surface, come up for air
Emae Elo Stink Problematic
Emae Faka/ene/ene To comfort
Emae Eva Swing, hang from something
Emae Faa Four
Emae Faeru Wipe oneself after defecation
Emae Fafa/a Carry person on one's back, piggy back
Emae Fafie Firewood
Emae Fafine Woman
Emae Fafo Outside
Emae Faagai To feed; bait
Emae Fagii/na Feed (v.t.)
Emae Faag/isu Blow one's nose
Emae Faagogo Coconut shell (hard)
Emae Fai Stingray
Emae Fei/a Do, make
Emae Feiava Passage, channel in reef
Emae Feitama Pregnant
Emae Fei/vele Copulate
Emae Faka- Causative prefix
Emae Fana/fanasia Re-heat (cooked food)
Emae Faka/ro/rogo Still, quiet
Emae Fakaata Look in mirror
Emae Fakaatuatu Think Problematic
Emae Faakure, faakuru Search head for lice
Emae Fara Pandanus
Emae Fare House
Emae Fare koroa Store
Emae Fariki/a Spread a covering over
Emae Fana Bow
Emae Fan/fana/sia Heat up (cooked food)
Emae Fa/fano/ To wash one's hands
Emae Fanogo Listen
Emae Fao Tree (Ochrosia oppositifolia)
Emae Faao/a Put inside, pack
Emae Faasua Giant Clam (Tridacna)
Emae Fata Canoe platform, shelf
Emae Fatafata Chest
Emae Fati Break (of a wave)
Emae Fati/a Break (something)
Emae Fatigaarima Inside of elbow
Emae Fatigaavae Back of knee
Emae Fatigareo Throat, Adam’s apple
Emae Fatitiri Thunder
Emae Fe/fetu/ Lie curled up, in fetal position
Emae Fatu Seed
Emae Fau Shore Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus)
Emae Fau/sia Build canoe
Emae Fee Where?
Emae Fefee How?, do what?