Entries from Capell 1962 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1962). The Polynesian Language of Mae (Emwae), New Hebrides. Auckland, Linguistic Society of New Zealand.

Language Item Description
Emae Feke Octopus
Emae Fe/fera Spread one`s legs
Emae Fero/fero Yellow
Emae Fenua Land ; island
Emae Maka feo Type of coral (leaf-like)
Emae Fia Desire, want
Emae Fia How many?
Emae Taka/firi/firi-a To roll
Emae Firi/a To braid
Emae Firoa Snapper (Lethrinus chrysotomus)
Emae Finaki Bird trap
Emae Finamatua Wife, old woman
Emae Finematua Wife, old woman
Emae Fiso Edible wild cane, probably Saccharum edule
Emae Fiti Jump, move very quickly
Emae Fitu Seven
Emae Fiu Tired, full, satisfied
Emae Foe Steering paddle
Emae Foi Unitiser with body-parts (e.g. testicles, calf)
Emae Foki Again
Emae Foro/sia Spread out, as a mat
Emae Forau Travel by canoe
Emae Foro/mia Swallow
Emae Fonu Full
Emae Fonu Turtle
Emae Fosa Child of a man
Emae Fota/ia Squeeze
Emae Fotu A small hole through something
Emae Fou New
Emae Fua Fruit, egg
Emae Fua Unimportant; just, merely
Emae Foika Fish sp. (Carangoides)
Emae Fue Vine sp. (Convolvulus)
Emae Fugafare Reeds in roof of house
Emae Fugona Son-in-law, daughter-in-law
Emae Fui Bunch (of coconuts, breadfruit)
Emae Fuu Cone-shell sp.
Emae Fu/fui/-a Pour water on
Emae Fuke/a Open oven, hands
Emae Fu/fura Swell
Emae Furu Hair of body
Emae Furu/na Wash (a sore or wound)
Emae Fune Core of breadfruit etc.; rotten (yam)
Emae Futi/a Grasp, hold, get
Emae Futi Banana
Emae Futu (Barringtonia asiatica
Emae Gaa/ne Place
Emae Ga-vao The bush
Emae Gava/ina Mark off, measure
Emae Gaakau Belly, guts