Entries from Capell 1962 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1962). The Polynesian Language of Mae (Emwae), New Hebrides. Auckland, Linguistic Society of New Zealand.

Language Item Description
Emae Rago Fly (insect)
Emae Rago Canoe roller
Emae Raka-ia Step over
Emae Raakau Tree
Emae Raku/tia To scratch
Emae Rarafi Grouper (Cephalopholis pachycentron?)
Emae Raraatea Midday
Emae Lali Small slit-gong Problematic
Emae Raro Underneath
Emae Raua Third person dual independent pronoun
Emae Rama Torch
Emae Rape Fish sp., Wrasse
Emae Lase Branching coral Problematic
Emae Lasi Big, many; very Phonologically Irregular
Emae Raso Penis
Emae Ra, to, te Third person plural subject clitic pronoun
Emae -(ra)to Third person plural possessive suffix
Emae Rau/rau Leaf
Emae Faka/rau/a Tell (a story)
Emae Lau/lau/a To praise Phonologically Irregular
Emae Lau/a Hold, take; bring, carry; give, receive Borrowed
Emae Raupata Tree sp. (Endospermum)
Emae Raatou Third person plural independent pronoun
Emae Rava/rava Lavalava
Emae Laavaki Empty Phonologically Irregular
Emae Rave Stuck, caught on; to happen upon (Clk)
Emae Re Singular definite article
Emae Refu Ashes, dust
Emae Rega A tree with fruit used to make a yellow paint
Emae Rere Fly
Emae Reo Voice
Emae Re/reo/ Look after
Emae Reva Tree (Cerbera odollam)
Emae Reeki/na Throw away, fling, let go of (something moving)
Emae Rigi/a Pour out
Emae Lise Louse egg Problematic
Emae Ri/rika/ Feel dizzy, experience vertigo
Emae Ri/riki/ Small
Emae Riro To hide (intr.)
Emae Rima Five
Emae Rima Hand-arm
Emae Rimu Seaweed
Emae Lito Put forth new leaves Phonologically Irregular
Emae Riu Bilge
Emae Riu/a Turn over (trans.)
Emae Roo Ant
Emae Roata Biting ant
Emae Rofa/a Measure off, mark off
Emae Faka/rogaa/ Make noise
Emae Rongorongo Cycad