Entries from Capell 1962 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1962). The Polynesian Language of Mae (Emwae), New Hebrides. Auckland, Linguistic Society of New Zealand.

Language Item Description
Emae Kiu Shore bird sp
Emae Kivi Blind (person)
Emae Qoo To bark Phonologically Irregular
Emae Koo There
Emae (Ko)koe You (sg)
Emae Kofi/a Dig (with the hands)
Emae Koso Digging stick, husking stick
Emae Koka A tree (Bishofia javanica)
Emae Kookoko Crow (Rooster)
Emae Koro Fence
Emae Korua Second person dual pronoun, you
Emae Kona Bitter, not sweet
Emae Koni/koni Have sexual intercourse
Emae Kota/kota Cackle
Emae Kote, koto Second person plural pronoun
Emae Kootou Second person plural pronoun
Emae A/ku First person singular possessive, of mine Problematic
Emae Ko Verbal particle, completive
Emae Kuku Mussel
Emae Kurii Dog
Emae Kuro Breadfruit variety
Emae Kulukulu A dove (Ptilinopus sp.) Phonologically Irregular
Emae Kumala Sweet Potato Problematic
Emae Kumete Wooden food platter
Emae Kumi/a To grasp
Emae Kupega Net
Emae Kutu Louse
Emae (Ko)ia Third person singular independent pronoun
Emae Ifi (Inocarpus edulis)
Emae Ika Fish n
Emae Raamutu Woman's brother's child
Emae Iri Fan (n)
Emae Ri/fia To blow, shoot with gun, fan
Emae Iroa Know, be able
Emae V/inu Drink
Emae Io Yes
Emae Isi Some
Emae Isu Nose
Emae Ti/iti Small
Emae Raa There, over there
Emae Raa Sail
Emae Ro Third person dual subject clitic pronoun
Emae Ra/i Branch
Emae Raa Sun
Emae Rae Forehead, presence
Emae Rafa Ringworm
Emae Raga/a Lift up
Emae Raaga/a Plait, weave
Emae Ragi Sky, heaven
Emae Raagia Pass briefly through the fire (to soften leaves or straighten wood)