Entries from Capell 1962 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1962). The Polynesian Language of Mae (Emwae), New Hebrides. Auckland, Linguistic Society of New Zealand.

Language Item Description
Emae Rongorongo Cycad
Emae Rosoroso Coconut sheath Phonologically Irregular
Emae Rosu Fruit-plucking pole
Emae Roi/roi Lie, deceive, pretend
Emae Roimata Tears
Emae Rori Light-brown beche-de-mer sp.
Emae Roro Coconut cream or oil
Emae Roro/aa Current
Emae (Ro)rogo Sing, song
Emae Roroi Squeeze cream out of shredded coconut
Emae Romi/a Push
Emae Roto Inside
Emae Rotoa Garden (fenced); yard (measure)
Emae Lotu Pray, worship Borrowed
Emae Ruu Native cabbage
Emae Rua Hole
Emae Rua Two
Emae Ruaki/na Vomit, spit out
Emae Ruga Above
Emae Ruru Owl (Tyto alba)
Emae Ruru Take shelter
Emae Urumane Soft coral
Emae Rupe Pacific Pigeon (Ducula pacifica)
Emae Ma And; with; together
Emae Maa Fermented breadfruit
Emae Maa Be ashamed
Emae Ma And the others
Emae Mae Wilt
Emae Maea Braided rope
Emae Maafana Warm
Emae Maafe Droop
Emae Mafoa A wound
Emae Maafoata Dawn, before sunrise
Emae Mafora Spread out, sprawling
Emae Magarafu o kaaiga, magarafu o kaamali Lesser and greater Magellan Clouds Problematic
Emae Mafuike Earthquake
Emae Maaga Residue of sugarcane or kava
Emae Magarafu Hearth, fire site
Emae Maagaro Fresh (of water), not bitter (of tea)
Emae Magamaga tai Starfish
Emae Masu Abundance of fruit Problematic
Emae Mauku Grass
Emae Maire Shrub sp. with fragrant leaves
Emae Maito/ito Fish sp. (Ctenochaetus?)
Emae Maka Rock, stone
Emae Makaro Flash by, move very fast
Emae Makau Crooked
Emae Makeke Strong, hard
Emae Maakona Satisfied with food, surfeited
Emae Makupuna Grandchild