#98: Mats, Baskets, Cordage, Bark Cloth.

Reconstruction Description
AFO Cord, especially fishing line
AMO.1B Prepare fibres for string-making; prepared fibre (Rby) *am(o,u)
EFU.2 Finely woven mat
FALA.1 Plaited pandanus mat
FATU-GA.2 Edge, border (of mat or garment)
FE-QUNU Strand of rope or cord; single element in plaiting or weaving
FENUQU.A* Strand of rope or cord; single element in plaiting, netting, etc.: *fenu(u)
FENUQU.B Some procedure in plaiting or braiding
FII-TOI To separate parts of a leaf for processing: *fii-t(a, o)(o, i)
GAFI-GAFI Thin, worn (of cloth); a kind of mat
GATU.1 Barkcloth that has been used
IKE Tapa beater
KAAPITI.2 Mat woven from coconut fronds
KAFA.1 Sennit, coconut husk fibre
KAKA.1B Envelope enclosing a part of animal or plant
KATO.1 Basket
KAWE.2B Straps for carrying something on the back
KETE.A Bag, basket
KUPETI Stencil used to mark motifs on tapa cloth
LAFI.3 Paper mulberry, barkcloth
LAU-FALA Pandanus leaves for weaving; a type of pandanus
LUFA Used or re-used cordage or cloth
MAEA.1 Rope
MANU.1C Kite
MASAGA.2 Noose, snare
MASI.2 Bark-cloth; loincloth
MINI-MINI Mat for valuables
PA-FOA Beat bark-cloth
PAA-UA Mat plaited from coconut fronds
PAO.2 Fringe, tassle
PENA.2 Strap, such as a belt, halter, snare; to bind up, wrap
PIIKAO Package
POLA.1 Plaited coconut leaf
PUU-KORO Container, bag
PUUTEE Bag, sack
QEPA Mats used in ceremonial or ritual *(q)epa
SELE.1A Snare; tie up
SIKI.2 Finish the ends or edges of a mat
TAA-POLA Basket plaited from a single coconut frond
TAATAI.1 Hanger for water container
TAFETA.B Small basket or bag
TALI.3A Cord, noose, anything used for tying
TAPA.1A Bark-cloth
TAPAKAU Coconut leaf plaited to form a mat
TAPE.2 Basket variety
TEGI-TEGI A type of plaiting
TOO-TOO Carrying net

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