#26: Opening and Closing, (Un)covering.

Reconstruction Description
AALAI Screen; obstruct, block: *(q)aala(q)i
AKILI Remove from a container, take out of: *(q)akili
FAGA.1A Open up, remove
FAKA-MAGA Open mouth or other orifice
FAKA-PULU-PULU Wrap, enfold, cover (a person)
FAQA-I To open wide
FAQO.1B Put into, pack in *(fa)faqo
FELA To spread wide open (esp. legs); open out
FII-FII Wrap up, esp. food
FOLA Spread out; spread
FONO.1A Stop up a gap, patch, inlay, join
FUKE.A Open up (especially an earth oven), uncover
HURU-MAKI Insert, put in
KAA-PUI Surround, envelop
KAFU.A To cover, covering (esp. of person); clothing, put on clothing
KAPU.2 Spread over, surround, envelop
KOFU.1A Wrap up; covering; parcel (esp. of food)
KOMO.1 Plug; plugged in, inserted
KOPE Wrap up; bundle; goods, possessions
LEPO Cover with leaves (as oven, or fruit to ripen)
LIKO.2 Encircle, surround
MA-FOLA Spread out flat (as mats, land etc.)
MA-FUKE Undone, opened, of a parcel (Ebt)
MONO.A To plug in, plug up, block up, caulk
OFI.B To fit in, to pass through a narrow place
OQO Able to enter or be contained
PANI.2 Block up
PONO.1 Block up, close
POOKAI To coil (as rope or string), wrap up
POTI.1 Surround
PU-FERA Open (vi) (like a flower)
PUI.A Shut off, shut up, enclose: *(pu(i))pui
PULU.4 A wrap, to wrap something round someone
PUNI.1A Prevent access or egress by surrounding completely; blocking up, bringing ends to meet
PUNU-TI Close, block
PUULOU.A To cover with a cloth; a cover (especially) for the head
QAFII Wrap up a parcel; a parcel of food
QUFI.3 Cover up
RUMAKI.* Inter or immerse something (Clk)
SAQO Draw a net around, drive into net, surround
SUKE Open up by removing a cover
TA-FOLA.1 Be spread out *ta(a)fola
TA-PONO Closed
TA-PUNI Block, shut; conceal *ta(a)puni
TAA-FERA Be spread out: *ta(a)-fera
TAALAKI To open; type of net
TAGAKI To open (v.t.), uncover
TAKA-PUNI Go around, surround *taka-p(i,u)ni
TAKAI Wrap around, encircle, surround

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