#88.1: Parts of Plants.

Reconstruction Description
AFU.2 Shoot or sucker
AKA.A Root n
FAGU.1 Wax gourd (Benincasa hispida); gourd container
FAQA.1 Stalk n
FITI.3 Flower, blossom
FUA.3A Fruit; to bear fruit; egg
FUGA.3 Flower
FUQU Base or lower end of a tree
HULI.2* Shoot of a plant, sprout
KALU.A Loose or wrinkled membrane or flesh surrounding a harder interior substance, as around seeds or the eyeball
KAO.1 New shoot; to sprout
KAPUTI Flower bud, leaf sheath *kaput(i,u)
KAU.4 Stalk, stem, handle
KAULU Head of a tree
KILI.1 Skin (n) (of animal, fruit); bark (of tree)
KOO-MATA.2 Place where fruit is connected to stem
LAU.1A Leaf
LITO.2 Unexpanded leaf shoot: *lito~*tilo
MAUTINI Gourd (Lagenaria sp.)
MOKO.4 Shoots, cuttings
MORE Taproot
MUKA.1A Young shoot, new leaves: *muk(a,o)
NIKU Rib of coconut leaflet
OSI Young shoot, sucker
PAA-SAKA A gourd or calabash
PAKI-AKA Root of a plant
PIRI-PIRI A burr; plant spp. with sticking or clinging seed-heads
PO-KURU Breadfruit bark (for bark cloth)
PUA.B To flower; flower, blossom: *pua(pua)
PUQU Base of a tree
RAQA Branch (of tree)
RAQA-RAQA Branchy, having branches; small branches
RITO.B Juice, liquid from plant
SEE.2 Flower, blossom
SINA.3 A gourd
SULI A banana or taro shoot
TAFITO.A Base of a tree; foundation, origin, beginning, root, basis
TAGUTU Tree stump: *ta(a)gutu
TAHI.2 (Heart)wood (particularly of Cordia subcordata)
TAI-TEA Sapwood
TAIKI.* Hard (of timber), heartwood
TEGA.1C Seed
TOQI Sap; to drip, stain
USI.2 Shoot (of plants) (Rby)

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