#92: People: Age, Sex and Kinship Categories.

Reconstruction Description
AFU.1 Offspring
AI-TAGA Descendants, progeny
ATA-LIKI Son of a man (Clk)
FAANAU.A Children, offspring
FAFINE Woman, female
FAGA-SELE A favourite (and spoiled?) child
FAI-.6 Prefix to kin terms deriving (i) verbs meaning 'treat as, adopt as', (ii) collective nouns referring to pairs or groups of persons so related
FAI-TAHINA Group of siblings of same sex
FAI-TAMANA Father and children
FAQEA Mother: *faqe(a)
FAQELE Mother of (newborn) child; childbirth *faqele(qele)
FASU Sister's son
FINA-RERE Great-grandchild: *(f,s)ina-rere
FINA.2 (Great)-great-grandchild (Clk): *(f, s)ina-rere
FINE Girl, woman
FINE-MATUQA.A Mature woman
FITI.4 Group (of people), family
FOSA.1 Son
FUA-TASA Only child
FUAAGA Relative, kinsman
FUGAO Affine of alternate generation
FUGAO-NA Affine of alternate generation
FUGOWAI.* Parent-in-law
FUNAOGA.* Child-in-law
GUTU-FARE Relatives
HAKE-GA Next generation; age class
HULI.2* Shoot of a plant, sprout
IWI.C Social group
KAI-UU Baby before weaning
KANO.1B Social group
KAU-MATUA Elderly man: *kauma(a)tu(q)a
KAWE.4 Sibling of opposite sex
KOLO-MATUA Elderly or wise person: *kolo-matu(q)a
KOO-PIO Young, immature
KORO.3 Father, old man
KOROUA Old, decrepit; old man
KUI.2 Elderly female (CE), grandparent, ancestor (TON)
MAA-SAGA (Pair of) twins
MAATUQA Plural of matuqa.c, parent
MAFINE Daughter
MAKOPUNA.* Grandchild
MAKUPUNA Grandchild: *m(a,o)kupuna
MAMO.1 Descendant
MAQAA Brother-in-law (man speaking), sister-in-law (woman speaking)
MASAKI-TAGA Father's sister
MATA-SIAPO Firstborn

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