#96.1: Prepared Food.

Reconstruction Description
EFE Coconut refuse
FAFI Packet (of fish) wrapped in leaves
FAI-KAI Food cooked with coconut cream
FONO.3 Food served with kava
IO.2 Longitudinal strip of flesh
KAO.2 Dried food, such as sweet potato, taro or fish
KIINAKI.* To eat with another food as relish; food so eaten:*kii(n,t)aki
KIKI.1 Food eaten with another food as relish
KINA.3 Food eaten with another food as relish
KOTA Scrapings, refuse
LAULAU Basket or leaves for serving or carrying food; to serve food
LUU-KAU.* Edible greens: *lu(u)-kau
LUU.1 Taro leaves as food
MAA.2 Fermented food
MAFU.2 Taro pounded up for food
MAGITI Vegetable food
MAQAGA Mouthful of food
MARA Food fermented to preserve it, or to enhance the taste
MOMO.A Crumble, break into small pieces
PEKEPEKE Coconut cream sauce
PENU.A Trash, especially refuse of coconut or pandanus fruit
PIERE.1 Pudding of grated taro, banana, etc: Kind of food made from banana, breadfruit or taro.
POKE Mix; pudding made by mixing
POQOI Pounded starchy food together with a sauce or gravy
POTA Leaves eaten as greens
QAFII Wrap up a parcel; a parcel of food
QOHO Provisions for a journey: *qo(h,s)o
QOTA.2 Dregs, residue (of coconut etc.)
SOLO.2B Food made with grated taro
TAAU-GA.B Hanging basket for storing cooked food (Clk): *(tau)tau-ga
WAATIA A kind of pudding made from polynesian arrowroot
WAHII Cover, wrap; wrapping, covering

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