#61.3: Sex and Reproduction.

Reconstruction Description
FAANAU.B Bear child, give birth; be born: *fa(a)nau
FAI-TAMA Be pregnant
FAI-VELI Copulate
FAI.2B Copulate
FAKA-TOSI Labour, effort, strain, esp. of childbirth: *faka-(to)tosi
FANAU Have child, give birth, bear
FAQELE Mother of (newborn) child; childbirth *faqele(qele)
FE-QI-TI.* Copulate
FULE.B Retract foreskin; masturbate: *fule('i)
KONI Copulate
KUNE Swell, as with pregnancy
MA-FULE Peeled; retracted (foreskin)
MA-LIGI.B Menstruation; to menstruate
MA-SEMO Slip out; miscarry
MAGEHO.A Itch(y), stinging; sexually titillated *ma(a)g(e,i)ho
MAMANA To be in love
MO-MOHE To sleep together; to have sexual intercourse
MOHE-TORO Seduce by approaching secretly at night
MOO-TORO.* Seduce by approaching secretly at night (Clk)
MULE.2 Rub, masturbate
NENE Orgasm, sensory pleasure
ONI.* Wriggle, copulate
PAQA Barren (of a woman)
POKA.1 Castrated, sterile
PUPA Copulate
QAI.2 Copulate with
QALO-POQOU Primipara, woman pregnant for the first time or having first child: *qal(o,a)poqou
SAPUU Pregnant: *sapu(q)u
SIKI.1B Support, assist (a person), esp. in childbirth; midwife
TII-TOI Retract foreskin; masturbate; insult
TILI.4 Be fertile, produce offspring
TINAQE.B Pregnant
TOHO.B Rape, force a woman to have sex: *to(h,s)o
TOKA-QALA Post-parturient complications, as retention of placenta
TOO.1B To conceive, be pregnant
TUPU.E Conceive, be pregnant
UFU.1 Masturbate
VILI.1 Masturbate

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